Netacea protects your websites and mobile apps from malicious bots

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Bot Management

Manage and mitigate bot activity by harnessing the power of machine learning to analyse bot behaviour, identify potential attacks and prevent malicious attacks.
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Account Takeover Prevention

Our advanced algorithm has been trained using millions of data points to identify credential stuffing and account takeover attacks, with fast, accurate prevention of automated threats.
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We Prevent Sophisticated Automated Threats

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Stop account takeover by identifying account-based attacks.
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Prevent data breaches and protect your website from credential stuffing attacks.
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Prevent fake account fraud by identifying bot accounts, fake account creation and mass account registration.
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Identify and block web scrapers and scraping attacks made to compromise your website.
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Detect and block automated card cracking, carding and enumeration attacks.
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Prevent bots from stealing your marketing budget and skewing your analytics.
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The Netacea Approach

Netacea understands bot behaviour better than anyone else, thanks to our pioneering approach to detection and mitigation. We focus on what the bots are doing (not how they’re doing it), so malicious bots are hunted out and genuine users are always prioritised. Welcome to a new era of bot mitigation.

  • Fast, accurate bot defence
  • Fast, simple implementation
  • Frictionless user experience
  • Actionable intelligence to make informed decisions
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Success Stories
Netacea's machine learning technology protects a growing number of Fortune 250 brands.
Rapid detection and mitigation within just 6 minutes from initial deployment.
  • 6.8M Credential attack
    attempts blocked
  • 7.4% Of all website traffic
    was credential stuffing
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Choose a dedicated bot management specialist to find and prevent the most sophisticated threats.

  • Bot detection with machine learning at the core
  • Block malicious bots, not humans
  • Rapid attack response and mitigation
  • No appliances, JavaScript injection not required
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