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Protect your customers data brand infrastructure

Protect your websites, mobile apps and APIs from the threats posed by bots such as scrapers, scalpers, carding, credential stuffing and other automated attacks.

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Netacea product overview: A new approach to bot detection using Intent Analytics™

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Netacea Receives Top Score in Bot Detection in 2022 Forrester Report

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Don’t treat your customers like criminals, learn to balance trust and risk

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A leader in bot management, protecting the world's largest brands from automated threats

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The next generation of bot detection

On average, it is estimated that between 10% and 40% of web traffic is malicious bots. These bot attacks are becoming ever more sophisticated and can appear human, bypassing many defences that have been put in place to identify them.

Netacea has re-invented bot detection, creating new detection techniques that can detect and categorise more malicious bot activity with lower false positives than other techniques, constantly preventing malicious attacks.

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Most Accurate

Ground-breaking detection engine identifies and categorises more bots than any other detection techniques with <0.001% false positive rate.

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Automation backed
by expertise

Netacea’s Auto-Protection technology backed by proactive Bot Experts in Netacea’s SOC provides maximum protection with minimum oversight.

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Easy deployment

Flexible, easy implementation on any platform with no JavaScript deployment or application changes.

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Protecting billions of transactions per week at some of the largest brands across retail, banking, travel and gaming

The missing piece of web application security

Business logic is the weak link in application defenceit is the functionality that the application has been programmed to deliver in order it to achieve your business objectives and it is increasingly susceptible to attacks. 

Bot management is essential to protecting your organisation and customers against business logic exploits carried out using sophisticated automated bot attacks, such as credential stuffing, carding and scalpingand traditional approaches alone are no longer enough. 

web application security bot management

Sophisticated bot management solution for every team

security fraud bot management

Mitigate threats and reduce fraud

Put time and control back in the hands of your security team with Netacea’s industry-leading bot detection and mitigation technology. We take manual log analysis tasks out of your hands and provide real-time visibility of attacks across websites, mobile apps and APIs with clear and reliable data that ensures your business is secured against automated threats and incident fatigue.

“Netacea helped us successfully make the switch from reactive bot management to proactive identification and mitigation. Netacea has taken the pressure off our internal resources and we now feel confident that our customers’ accounts are no longer vulnerable to continual credential stuffing attacks.”

— Security Operations Manager

Preventing sophisticated OWASP automated threats

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Protect your digital assets, customers’ data and brand reputation from ATO.

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Maintain the integrity of online sales and ensure goods go to real customers.

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Identify and block web scrapers made to compromise your website.

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Detect and block automated card cracking, carding and enumeration attacks.

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Prevent exploitation of new account bonuses and fake account creation.

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Prevent bots from stealing your marketing budget and skewing your analytics.

Netacea Receives Top Score in Forrester Bot Detection 2022

Forrester, a leading research organisation, has identified Netacea as a Strong Performer in its 2022 evaluation of the bot management market

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Protect your website, mobile apps and APIs

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