Account Takeover Prevention

$7BN Lost per year to account takeover and credential stuffing attacks
$50M Potential losses per day in the US banking industry

How it works

Netacea’s enterprise account takeover behavioural and machine learning algorithm looks at millions of data points to identify and mitigate credential stuffing and brute force attacks leading to account takeover.
Account Takeover Bots

Detect Malicious Bots

Sophisticated bots call for a sophisticated response. Netacea uses Intent Analytics™ to detect non-human login activity across websites, mobile apps and APIs, providing much-needed visibility of automated credential stuffing and account takeover attempts.

Respond to Attacks

Choose to automatically block, redirect or challenge account takeover attacks in real time, or receive alerts notifying you of potential threats. With access to rich dashboards and data, you can easily identify and stop account takeover attempts early in the attack chain.

Evolve and Adapt

The Netacea approach uses the power of machine learning and Intent Analytics to continuously monitor your web traffic and pinpoint the difference in automated bot activity, keeping you ahead of evolving bot threats targeting your login pages.

Key Benefits

  • Netacea Time
    Stay ahead of automated account takeover attacks by identifying the attack fast
  • WAF Netacea
    Build on your WAF security and stop the bots that get through
  • Netacea Protection
    Add a vital layer of protection against credential stuffing
  • Netacea Hardware
    Protect your mobile apps without SDKs or additional code
  • Ad Bot
    Accurately differentiate ATO attacks and normal login activity

    Machine Learning Account Takeover Detection

    Mitigate malicious bots that attempt to gain access to user accounts. Netacea’s advanced machine learning approach detects automated account takeover attempts at the login stage, identifying and preventing bot attacks.

    We analyse a large number of signals, to monitor the client’s interaction with your web-facing applications, going beyond the limitations of browser-based JavaScript solutions. This machine learning approach offers unmatched speed and accuracy, to secure your accounts and protect your online reputation.

    Detect and block account takeover using machine learning

    Prevent Account Takeover Attacks

    Credential stuffing and credential cracking are cited by OWASP (OAT-007 and OAT-008) as the most common techniques for hackers to takeover user accounts.

    Credential stuffing bots automate login attempts using stolen credentials to access accounts and conduct fraudulent activities posing as legitimate users. These attacks are hard to detect, with advanced bots behaving like genuine users to evade detection. A new approach is needed to separate human from non-human traffic.

    Bot Traffic 2019 Statistics Netacea 1

    Mitigate Sophisticated Malicious Bots

    Netacea uses multiple layers of signals for traffic inspection which all feed into our Intent Analytics and advanced machine learning capabilities.

    Our detection algorithms are fine-tuned using large data sets (supervised learning), identifying patterns in known good and bad requests using variables such as user behaviour, user agent, visitor, geo location, device and many more to analyse, identify and prevent current and future attacks.

    Sophisticated bot traffic

    Transparent Threat Intelligence

    Once the Netacea solution is deployed, the sophisticated machine learning engine utilises live anomaly detection to highlight irregular, malicious sources of traffic in your secure dashboard.

    Netacea is constantly learning more about your site traffic to improve detection and present this data back to you. Choose your risk response by blocking, analysing or authorising traffic with a flexible, policy-based approach to mitigation.

    Bot detection threat intelligence netacea2 min

    Complements existing WAF technology

    Web Application Firewalls are designed to filter out malicious activity that could exploit vulnerabilities on your website, while sophisticated bots exploit business logic by mimicking human behaviour often slip through.

    Netacea adds a crucial layer of protection beyond the WAF without relying on static rules that can often result in high proportions of false positives/negatives.

    netacea flexible implementation

Choice of Implementation

Netacea CDN


Quickly and easily integrate at the edge via your CDN with our adaptive threat architecture
Netacea Flexible Implementation

Reverse Proxy

Our ultra low latency reverse proxy sits behind any CDN/WAF/DDoS or load balancer
Netacea API

Flexible Implementation

Flexible API-based integration to meet your infrastructure requirements. A wide variety of web log formats are supported
Success Stories
Netacea's machine learning technology protects a growing number of Fortune 250 brands.
Rapid detection and mitigation within just 6 minutes from initial deployment.
  • 6.8M Credential attack
    attempts blocked
  • 7.4% Of all website traffic
    was credential stuffing
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