Bad Bots 101: Credential Stuffing in Action

How Credential Stuffing Attacks Work and How to Prevent Them

Bots are responsible for a range of good, bad and nuisance activity, with account takeover attacks costing businesses on average, $7bn per year.

Consumers and businesses alike are exposed to bot risks, with the attackers able to carry out a range of illicit and often fraudulent activity.

To highlight the significant, detrimental impact of bots targeting global enterprises, Netacea simulates a real-time account takeover attack. The attack demonstrates the ease with which a threat actor can orchestrate an account takeover that bypasses traditional security measures.

Throughout the attack, we discuss the impact on various departments throughout an organization – from security and operations to marketing managers – with reference to bot management best practices.

During the webinar, you will learn:

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  • Mark Greenwood
    Mark Greenwood Chief Technical Architect
    Mark is the Chief Technical Architect at Netacea. Mark initiated the creation of a dedicated data science team, that works in tandem with the product development team, to provide our customers with an innovative solution to the growing threat of automated bot traffic. With a PhD in Natural Language Processing, he has presented internationally on his published research and regularly speaks at cybersecurity events. 
  • Tom Platt
    Tom Platt Head of eCommerce
    Tom works with leading eCommerce, fin-tech,  gaming and media organisations, to help them understand and quantify the impact of bots.  Tom works closely with Netacea's largest customers to ensure they stay ahead of the latest bot challenges, whilst collaborating with Netacea’s product and threat teams to research emerging bot  trends across industries.   
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