Black Friday 2021:
What did your customers experience?

The shift to an online-first world, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, has made more consumers choose to shop online than ever before. In 2020, over 100 million US customers shopped online during the Black Friday weekend, resulting in a 22% increase in online spending. 

Netacea was interested in how people shopped online during the 2021 Black Friday period, their user experience purchasing various items across a range of retailers, and whether their experiences may have been impacted by sophisticated bots. 

Netacea’s 2021 Black Friday report offers an exclusive, in-depth analysis of what consumers experienced during the Black Friday sales, trends from our own retail customers, and the impact of malicious bots over the course of the festive sales. 

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • What the public experienced during the Black Friday sales and how these experiences were potentially impacted by bot activity 
  • An analysis of website traffic from November 2020 vs November 2021 for Netacea’s top retail customers 
  • Three-step checklist: How to best prepare your business for Black Friday 2022 
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Netacea’s 2021 report analysis of what consumers experienced during the Black Friday sales.

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