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Blog | 25th Feb 2019 / 14:12

The Future of Cyber Security London 2019

Netacea will be sponsoring The Future of Cyber Security 2019 on the 19th of March, in London.

The event features a unique programme where delegates can choose the topics that are most relevant to their business objectives and security strategies. The sessions cover high-level intelligence briefings on cybersecurity trends and technologies and in addition to the updates, attendees’ network with other CSOs and senior board level peers.

Join us on March 19th where we’ll be talking about the ever-evolving bot landscape and what you can do to mitigate even the most sophisticated bots.

Nick Baglin at Cyber Security London

Speaker Session Featuring Nick Baglin, General Manager at Netacea

Recent news of large, aggregated credential collections has made it easier than ever for cybercriminals to get their hands on billions of unique usernames and passwords – at low or no cost.

Credential stuffing relies on automation, with basic tools making it simple to use the login data to try and find a combination match across many different sites. They are looking to break into your website and apps to steal money, takeover loyalty points, expose IP and corrupt data.

So with automated traffic now representing more than half of all internet traffic, how do you identify a bot from a human, and what can you do to stop the malicious ones from launching an account takeover attack?

This presentation will reveal the rising sophistication of bots, the true extent of the problem and why it’s everybody’s problem. And importantly, the approaches to mitigating the threat, when a new way is needed to outsmart the most sophisticated of bots.

Our team is looking forward to seeing you at the Cyber Security London event. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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