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Blog | 04th Feb 2020 / 09:00

New Year, New Career

We’ve started 2020 with a bang at Netacea, appointing some extra pairs of hands to take our sales and marketing strategy into the marketplace.

Below we introduce Netacea’s new Sales and Marketing Executives who were “filtered through the traffic” at the company’s highly competitive graduate assessment day and have since been welcomed to the team, starting off their cybersecurity career.


I came to Netacea with experience in various customer-facing roles, as well as a first-class Business Management degree. As a student, I co-founded two start-ups: a sustainable retailer of bamboo products, and an affiliate marketing website. I had substantial involvement in planning and creating the marketing content, from producing posters and blogs to attending events and generating brand awareness.

Via my own research and Netacea’s assessment day, I discovered the evolving market of bot management and it was great to hear all about Netacea’s plans for the future. These plans influenced my decision to join the team, while also focusing on my professional development; which I believe will flourish alongside Netacea’s expansion within the industry.

Ryan, Sales & Marketing Executive. Cybersecurity Career


Modern society, including the marketplace, is driven by online communications, advertisement, and purchases. This has possibly been one of society’s greatest strengths, but in the wrong hands could be one of our greatest downfalls. I joined Netacea to market their innovative technology to top-performing companies who want to secure their customers from malicious bots.

My university education gives me extensive knowledge in psychology and human behaviour (MSc and BSc), that has since been applied in my former behavioural insights position at a social marketing agency. I feel that within my role at Netacea I can use my knowledge and skills to educate businesses about the need for a sophisticated bot management tool.

Sian, Sales & Marketing Executive. Cybersecurity Career


I am a Media, Culture and Communications graduate, and realised my niche in sales and marketing when I combined my degree with skills gained from several customer-facing roles. I wanted to work at Netacea because they provide the opportunity for me to develop myself and build a career in the rapidly growing cybersecurity industry; which presents a new and exciting challenge.

After just a few weeks, the role has already given me vital tools to expand my knowledge. I have always been a believer in education and growth, and I strive to learn new skills wherever possible. Netacea gives me the chance to develop my professional portfolio and market a revolutionary technology that is at the forefront of the bot management industry.

Alisha, Sales & Marketing Executive. Cybersecurity Career


I’m a huge believer in working for your plans, for your plans to work for you. I attended the Netacea open day, hungry for the opportunity to join a company I knew to provide the perfect milieu to transition into my chosen career of marketing.

Since becoming a first-class Media and Communications graduate in 2018, I have worked on a full-time basis within the British Army Reserves as a Combat Medic.

After two years of what I call personal development, I’m certain on the type of person I want to be; tenacious, driven and agile to all circumstance. Three attributes that are woven through Netacea’s brand identity and current position in the cybersecurity market.

Moving into a new chapter of professional development, I am excited to apply my capabilities in the role of Sales and Marketing Executive, and fully immerse myself into the new wave industry of bot management.

Stacey, Sales & Marketing Executive. Cybersecurity Career

Getting into the role

To kickstart the graduate’s journey at Netacea, role-specific learning and development will be applied through various training sessions on marketing strategy, company positioning and the wider industry.

More opportunities for knowledge and skill acquisition are to follow over the first quarter, allowing a fully supported transition into Netacea and the overall bot management industry.

The Netacea team is growing! To discover our current roles and expand your cybersecurity career, visit our Careers today.

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