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    Machine Learning Bot Detection

    Prevent malicious bot attacks, web scraping, account takeover, ad fraud and more with enhanced machine learning and behavioural analysis.

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    Access Shared Threat Intelligence

    Our shared intelligence database is continuously updated, leveraging data collected from billions of requests.

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    Transparent & Customisable Control

    Real-time insight into the nature of your website traffic. Set rules to effectively handle the bot threats that impact your company.

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    Easy & Simple Integration

    Utilise our flexible implementation to be up and running within minutes.

Netacea - Trusted by leading brands

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Detect & Block Bots and Prevent Account Takeover

At Netacea we focus on preventing bot attacks using the latest machine learning techniques. Netacea provides a sophisticated multi-tiered approach to identifying and mitigating bot traffic.

Advanced Machine Learning Bot Detection

Unlike JavaScript-based solutions which are vulnerable to manipulation, we’ve built Netacea from the ground-up with the latest behavioural machine learning at the core.

Our Machine learning utilises algorithms that learn from your traffic data and visitor patterns in combination with Historical I.P Analysis, Browser Finger Printing and Source Verification.

Transparent Threat Intelligence

Because every business traffic and threats are different Netacea offers a radically different approach to traditional “black Box” suppliers. Providing customers with the granular level of data and control needed to make informed business decisions.

Each layer of the behavioural threat intelligence is presented as a probability per threat type, so you see granular threat activity and implement the threat feeds to the critical areas of your enterprise.

Dedicated Data Science Service

The Netacea Data Science Service allows you to leverage our in-house expertise to manage the Netacea settings, create custom algorithms, mitigations, detect bots and provide reporting feedback and support.

Flexible Integration Options

Netacea is a cloud-hosted service and can be implemented in different ways depending on your architecture and requirement. Options include reverse proxy, pre-configured CDN integrations and customisable API integration to your network via WAF, SIEM, etc

The cloud infrastructure is highly available and distributed with complete failover protection. It has maintained 100% availability since inception in 2014 and has been load-tested to over 1 million concurrent users per instance with no performance degradation.

How it works

Netacea’s machine learning manages bot reconnaissance and attacks in real-time while allowing real humans and search engine, partner & affiliate bots access to your website.

Our adaptive architecture automatically pre-empts potential bad bot traffic and kicks in-line only when critical conversion or login paths are under threat, due to abnormal behaviour. The reputational analysis identifies malicious bots by using the shared intelligence database to check the digital provenance of the request.

Unlike other solutions, with Netacea any suspicious visitor from the reputational analysis is then loaded into the Behavioural Analysis Engine where upon further investigation a Threat Score is given. Pre-define what happens to the visitor depending on the threat score, such as permit; mitigate; enforce CAPTCHA; blackhole or hard block. The Feedback Loop can then add this rule back into the Reputational Analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why cant Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) detect and block sophisticated bots?

WAFs are effective and useful tools as part of any secure web based system, however they are solving a different problem to that posed by non-human traffic or bot attacks.WAFs are designed to look for patterns within requests that are targeted at exploiting security weaknesses within systems. Non-human traffic is usually legitimate requests but just made in a different pattern to standard human users. To effectively identify bot traffic, therefore, it is necessary to look at the nature and patterns of requests that are being made and compare those to that being made by human users.WAFs may help stop basic bot traffic but will not identify any more sophisticated traffic sources which are becoming ever more common.

One way of dealing with bot traffic is by simply creating a blacklist of IP addresses on a firewall, CDN or other device - traditionally this was a fairly common way of handling this problem. However it is a very limited solution and suffers from several key issues.Firstly, it is always reactive, typically adding in the IP addresses of bot attacks retrospectively or in the best case scenario by making a config update after the attack is identified. Therefore it only contains details of the IP addresses of past attacks whereas typically automated traffic will regularly rotate IP addresses.Secondly, it needs constant maintenance to ensure that new threats are added to the list as they are discovered. It also needs a method of validating if the added IP addresses are still valid.Thirdly, it usually only allows for hard blocking, that is dropping the connections of any requests coming from matched IP addresses. This allows little scope for giving friendly messages back to any false positive users or any of the other ways of dealing with non-human traffic offered by effective bot management tools.Any good bot defence tool should address all of these limitations to provide a valid amount of insight and control into the nature of non-human traffic on your system.

Our Adaptive architecture automatically pre-empts potential bad traffic, and kicks in-line only when critical conversion or login paths are under threat, or abnormal behavioural activity is detected. This behavioural mode ensures that there is no speed reduction or latency whatsoever in our architecture for legitimate customers

Instead of supplying a ‘black box’ Netacea works with our enterprise customers to provide the best possible integration of our behavioural threat layer via set of APIs. We complement existing controls such as WAF rulesets, rate limiting and threat databases, to provide deep analysis of all website visitors., through a practical use of A.I. to understand human and bot behaviours and adjust their website journey in real-time. We have no customer premises equipment, and everything is cloud-based, to push threat alerts to your service of choice.

Our adaptive data model and micro-services API approach gives huge power and flexibility to ensure that even the most complex of visitor requirements can be elegantly and reliable handled at volume, using the existing infrastructure that enterprise customers already maintain and own. Using our rich set of API, you can send the threat alerts to your WAF, CDN provider, or firewall of choice.

Netacea has been designed with accessibility in mind, and we regard it as a duty to support all users who have accessibility issues and use readers. Our core behavioural learning does not change across platform types. Where we specific bot mitigations - for example when we display a Captcha, we do have a range of accessibility options for visually or audio impaired users, or those users who lack the fine motor skills necessary to complete some difficult Captchas.All our Capcha’s have a text alternative, allowing them to be read by a reader, and audio alternatives for those with vision impairment. In addition, our fingerprinting does not require the use of JavaScript. Although providing a text based Captcha does provide bot writers with a potential exploit to bypass the Captcha, we monitor the accessibility options very carefully to ensure that the small percentage of traffic accessing the text based Captcha is legitimate and under normal thresholds.Summary of Accessibility options • Does not require Javascript so all assistive technology will work • Provides and Audio Alternative so login can be navigated with a screen reader • Settings, permissions • No complex or repetitive navigation links – so each page is placed in its natural order so the flow is easy to use.


Empower your business with control over bot traffic and the ability to detect bots and block malicious traffic in real-time.