The Bot Management Review

Bot Management Review

Businesses are at risk from bot operators that seek to steal customer accounts, use innocent sites to check credit card details and scrape pricing, content and inventory data.  

At Netacea we are immersed in this world of bad bot behaviour and understand the threats bots pose. What we wanted to know was how much businesses understand about the complex bot problem. 

In collaboration with the independent B2B research specialists Coleman Parkes, we conducted a survey of 200 businesses throughout the UK across travel, entertainment (including online gaming and streaming), e-commerce and financial services, to get a broad picture of how bots are understood and protected against. 

The research revealed that businesses have a high awareness of how bot attacks could negatively affect a business, with over 70% understanding the most common attacks and 76% stating they have been attacked by bots. 

Download the full report for an in-depth analysis of the current state of bot management in business. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • What attacks represent the greatest risk to businesses? 
  • How frequently are businesses attacked? 
  • Who is responsible for bot management? 
  • How are bots affecting different sectors? 
  • How much do businesses know about the bot ecosystem? 
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Discover the malicious bot threats to your business in 2020.

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Netacea’s Intent Analytics™ engine takes a multi-dimensional approach to quickly distinguish bots from humans, to protect websites, mobile apps and APIs from automated threats.
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Our data-rich dashboards and risk-based scoring, alongside behavioural analysis from the data science team, empower you with actionable intelligence about your web traffic.
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Our cloud-based approach allows for swift deployment, elastic scalability, high performance and availability without the limitations of hardware appliances.

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