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How Bot Management Works

To quickly identify and stop automated attacks that threaten your customers and your business,
Netacea takes a unique, server-side approach to bot management that you can trust.
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Detect Malicious Bots

Tackling malicious bots requires comprehensive visibility of traffic to your website, mobile app and API, in order to effectively determine human vs. non-human user behaviour. Netacea’s Intent Analytics™ engine analyses millions of requests, signals and patterns with incredible accuracy, to empower you with real-time actionable intelligence about your traffic.
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Respond to Attacks

With a risk-based scoring system, data-rich dashboards and enhanced visualations, you can choose to automatically block, redirect or challenge attacks in real time, or receive alerts notifying you of potential threats. Our team of experts will provide you with valuable insights that ensure you are mitigating threats early in the attack chain.
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Evolve and Adapt

It is essential that you are equipped to stay ahead of evolving threats targeting your online estate. Netacea's bot management technology continuously monitors web traffic and pinpoints differences in automated activity. This approach ensures that our algorithms get even stronger at bot defense over time, evolving as quickly as the bots.

Key Benefits

  • threat bot actor - netacea bot management
    Stay ahead of automated attacks with real-time threat data at your fingertips
  • Netacea Bot Mitigation - netacea bot management
    Build on your existing security stack and stop bots that bypass your WAF and CDN
  • no code changes required - netacea bot management
    Protect your mobile apps without SDKs or code changes required
  • Web security mobile apps, website, sdks - netacea bot management
    No reliance on hardware or appliances
  • cyber security flexible implementation - netacea bot management
    Scalable and flexible across websites, mobile apps and APIs

    Bot Management with Machine Learning

    Powered by machine learning, Netacea’s multi-dimensional approach automatically prioritises genuine users in real-time, while preventing unwanted bot traffic.

    Our unique bot management Intent Analytics™ engine focuses on what the bots are doing rather than how they are doing it, to quickly and cleverly hunt out sophisticated automated attacks.

    Detect and block account takeover using machine learning - netacea bot management

    Mitigate Unwanted Bot Traffic

    With bots making up over half of all internet traffic, how do you identify a good bot from a bad one, and a bot from a human?

    Malicious bots are looking to launch credential stuffing or credit card stuffing attacks leading to account takeover, nuisance bots will scrape data, skew marketing intelligence and are often mistaken for DDoS attacks. Our bot management algorithm will give you a clear and accurate picture of the traffic on your websites, mobile apps and APIs.

    bot detection - how it works

    Transparent Threat Intelligence

    We believe in smarter, lower friction solutions that leverage the power of machine learning in bot management to mitigate more threats and make security a better experience.

    You'll have the data you need to make informed decisions, with dashboards, data drilldowns and risk scoring alongside reputation analysis and threat intelligence feeds.

    Bot detection threat intelligence netacea2 min

    Frictionless User Experience

    The Netacea machine learning engine works with incredible speed and accuracy to detect bot traffic, providing a frictionless user experience without interrupting the online experience for genuine users.

    Real visitors continue to enjoy a great user experience free from frustrating security challenges.

    Bot detection threat intelligence netacea3

    No Reliance on JavaScript

    Unlike other bot management solutions that rely on in-browser JavaScript signals, Netacea’s machine learning approach analyses millions of requests to produce a constant stream of real-time recommendations.

    Additional data from device fingerprinting and user reputation provides incredibly accurate bot detection and mitigation options, uniquely analyzing user interaction with the application to uncover the intent of the behavior.

    netacea flexible implementation

Bot Management Implementation

Our cloud-based approach allows for swift deployment, elastic scalability, high performance and availability without the limitations of hardware appliances.
Netacea CDN - netacea bot management


Quickly and easily integrate at the edge via your CDN with our adaptive threat architecture.
Reverse Proxy - netacea bot management

Reverse Proxy

Our ultra-low latency reverse proxy sits behind any CDN/WAF/DDoS or load balancer.
Netacea API - netacea bot management

Flexible Implementation

Flexible API-based integration to meet your infrastructure requirements, without SDK or code changes.
Success Stories
Netacea's bot management technology protects a growing number of Fortune 250 brands.
Rapid detection and mitigation within just 6 minutes from initial deployment.
  • 6.8M Credential attack
    attempts blocked
  • 7.4% Of all website traffic
    was credential stuffing
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