Case Study

Love Bomb Case Study

By Netacea / 06th Sep 2018

Love Bomb Case Study

About The Client: Love Bomb

Love Bomb Cushions is a novelty cushion and related giftware company. From their logistics centre in the heart of Yorkshire, Love Bomb Cushions offer wholesale distribution of ethically manufactured gifts.

Their range of products includes the incredibly popular licensed emoji® cushions, which they sell in the UK and Eire.

“The website traffic achieved with the help of Netacea was the boost we needed for our business. We received and processed several times as many orders as usual.” – Sarah Agar-Brennan, CEO

Client Challenge

Business owner Sarah Agar-Brennan secured an £80,000 investment from Tej Lalvani and Jenny Campbell on Dragons’ Den in 2017

In the lead up to the airing of their episode, Sarah would sit with her husband and business partner Carl and tune in to Dragon’s Den. Sarah comments: “As many television viewers do, we like to search for the businesses online as they appear on Dragons’ Den. We found many websites would crash or have incredibly slow response times by which time consumers give up. The last thing we wanted was for our store to go down during prime-time TV.”

So, Carl was tasked to ensure the Love Bomb Cushions website remained up and running during the screening of their episode. He needed to maximise online revenue during peak traffic. Carl said: “We hoped a sizable portion of the four million viewers would visit our website looking to buy emoji® cushions. Being on TV is such good publicity, however, many businesses waste this opportunity because their websites are unable to cope with increased demand.

Sarah Agar-Brennan at Dragon's Den
Sarah Agar-Brennan at Dragon’s Den

The Solution

Love Bomb Cushions selected the Netacea Virtual Waiting Room because upgrading their web-infrastructure would be twice the price.

On making the decision Carl said: “If you don’t have a history of experiencing peak traffic through PR, broadcast exposure or one-off events then it is very hard to spin up servers on short notice. Without a team to spin up AWS infrastructure, Netacea is the ideal investment for a feeling of security.”

To understand their traffic limits, they evaluated the maximum capacity their site could handle before needing to activate the Virtual Waiting Room, Carl continues, “We had two IT teams stress test the website to see how much traffic it could handle before it would crash. Even with this cost, Netacea was massively cheaper than redoing our website’s infrastructure.

The Results

Despite unprecedented levels of visitors, the Love Bomb Cushions website stayed live and online orders increased by 400%.

Carl said: “Netacea were brilliant – the service was applied very quickly, and it was reassuring to know we had the Virtual Waiting Room in place to cover our peak traffic event.

Love Bomb Cushions Branded Queuing Page
Love Bomb Cushions Branded Queuing Page

Sarah concludes, “The website traffic achieved with the help of Netacea was the boost we needed for our business. We received and processed several times as many orders as usual. It was an effective use of our marketing budget. Orders continued regularly during the spike in web traffic from Dragons’ Den and since then we have maintained a higher level. In addition, we have been able to turn up our PPC campaigns and continue to build on the improvements in website performance.”

Year-Round Peace of Mind

While some customers use the solution for individual key trading events in the year, Love Bomb Cushions wanted to ensure their website could support any spikes in traffic, at any time of the year.

The company promotes other sales deals throughout the seasons, and when they go viral the spike can be even larger than those experienced with TV exposure on Dragon’s Den, meaning they took the strategic decision to have year-round protection.

About The Netacea Virtual Waiting Room

When the maximum number of visitors is reached, Netacea delivers a waiting page to all additional visitors without any access to your servers ensuring protection for your servers and quality of service to your site visitors.

By putting all additional visitors into a fair, first-in-first-out waiting room we ensure that all visitors get the best possible experience and your site remains available 24/7 no matter how busy it gets.

Netacea’s Virtual Waiting Room is a scalable, cloud-based service that sits in front of your website and controls access for all visitors. To learn more about our solution, sign up for a Virtual Waiting Room Trial to demo the product and test it on your live site or mobile app.