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Bot Management With Cloudflare

By / 16th Oct 2018


Bot Management With Cloudflare

Cloudflare Integration

The CloudFlare Netacea direct API integration allows customers to benefit from the power of CloudFlare’s CDN, DDos protection and WAF services, to seamlessly integrate Netacea’s Adaptive Threat Architecture into their estate.

Our powerful Machine Learning can be harnessed to detect bots and mitigate at the edge, without impacting overall performance, or introducing another reverse proxy or new service for ease of integration.

How it works

The Netacea Cloudflare integration works by utilising the Cloudflare Workers architecture. A “Cloudflare Service Worker” is written in JavaScript against the Worker API and is used to send HTTP requests to the Netacea ingest service where log data is ingested in near real-time into our behavioural engine to provide long term analysis of of web log data. Essentially we are instructing the CDN on how to handle a request and instructing it to send the request to Netacea. This allows Netacea to securely send requests to the Netacea API which will instruct your CDN how to treat the request to mitigate against bad bot activity.

Service Worker

Cloudflare Worker API let us build custom rules generated by Netacea’s behavioural engine. The Adaptive Threat Architecture delivers the threat communications and the custom mitigations can then by implemented at the edge in a deeply granular way using the Service Workers. This highly flexible service worker architecture let’s us deploy and modify any mitigation extremely rapidly and dynamically responds to the threats indicated through the behavioural detection.