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| 16th Oct 2018 / 15:56

Bot Management With Cloudflare

Bot Management With Cloudflare

Cloudflare integration

The CloudFlare Netacea direct Service Worker integration allows customers to benefit from the power of CloudFlare’s CDN, DDos protection and WAF services, to seamlessly integrate Netacea’s Advanced Bot Management capabilities into their estate.

Our powerful Machine Learning can be harnessed to detect bots and mitigate at the edge, without impacting overall performance, or new service for ease of integration.

Cloudflare Bot Management

How it works

Cloudflare Workers provide a lightweight JavaScript execution environment that allows for the execution of lightweight rules on the Cloudflare Edge. Netacea’s pre-build Cloudflare NPM module can be deployed within minutes and utilizes Workers to perform mitigating actions and stream log data.

When a visitor first hits a site protected by Netacea/Cloudflare the Workers will query the Netacea Mitigation service, if the visitor is known to be malicious the worker will perform the appropriate mitigation or continue to allow the visit. The worker will then stream log data on the visitor and session to the Netacea Ingest Service where Netacea’s advanced machine learning platform will perform further analysis on the visitor to confirm they are a good actor. If at any point the visitor’s activity becomes malicious the mitigation service will be updated and the worker will perform the appropriate mitigation.

Service Worker

Cloudflare Workers let us build and execute customizable rules generated by Netacea’s behavioral engine. At the edge. This highly flexible service worker architecture lets us deploy and modify mitigations extremely rapidly and dynamically responds to the threats indicated through the behavioral detection.

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