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| 03rd Oct 2018 / 15:15

Bot Management With Fastly

Bot Management with Fastly

Fastly integration

The Fastly and Netacea direct integration allows you to benefit from the power of Fastly’s secure and scalable edge cloud platform and the Netacea Bot Management Solution, utilizing powerful Machine Learning which is harnessed to detect bots and mitigate at the edge, without impacting performance or user journey.

A cookie containing information about the validity of a user is placed on the client’s device for further identification and checked periodically for validity.
Log data will be ingested by Netacea allowing for near real-time, long-term analysis of your weblog data.

Netacea Fastly Bot Management

How it works

Implement within minutes by placing custom VCL snippets in your Fastly service configuration. When a request is made, the first request will be intercepted by Netacea where it will check source IPs and User agents against known threat indices and instruct Fastly to either allow or deny access to your site, if the request is identified as a threat, Netacea will serve the selected mitigation action to the request.

Seamless integration

Powered by behavioral machine learning: Harness the intelligent, agile Netacea Bot Management Platform to analyze user behavior and mitigate unwanted requests.

Complements existing web security layers: Builds on your WAF and CDN rulesets to mitigate the most sophisticated bot attacks without additional infrastructure.

Intelligent decision making: Connect via Fastly to your web apps. for better, more informed traffic decisions, while ensuring legitimate user journeys are frictionless.

Policy-based decisions: Streamlined workflows allow for real-time data analysis and mitigation – including Adv. Captcha, blackholing and user request deny.

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