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| 25th Mar 2021 / 18:18

Netacea Bot Management F5 Integration


Netacea Bot Management F5 integration introduction

Netacea is a market-leading bot management solution designed to detect, prevent & respond to the growing sophistication and emerging threats that non-human traffic poses to web-based applications.

The following guide explains how to initially set up the F5 integration for Netacea bot management solution. This integration allows customers to utilize the power of F5’s iRule architecture, allowing customers to drive a fully-featured Netacea integration from their existing infrastructure*.

*it is advised that all customers go through a period of testing and observation before applying mitigations.

NOTE: The Netacea F5 integration is specifically for our bot management customers and can only be provided once the relevant customer paperwork has been completed and returned to us. The relevant contact forms can be completed on and a member of the team will contact you to provide the relevant paperwork.

How it works

The Netacea F5 module utilizes the F5 LX functionality which allows for the execution of NodeJs packages from within F5 iRules. This allows for the addition of extended functionality over that which can be traditionally delivered within iRules, using industry-standard technologies, therefore giving access to the full range of existing NodeJs modules.

For more information about iRules LX please visit this page.

Netacea will provide access to the NPM module containing all necessary Netacea functionality for sending data and checking the status of incoming requests. This NPM module is then installed into the LX modules on the F5 Big IP device.

The exact installation process for the Netacea F5 module varies depending on the version and configuration of F5 environment, Netacea will work with customers to ensure that this is installed correctly.

Pre-requisites for integrating Netacea Bot Management with F5

In order to install the Netacea Cloud works Integration, you will need to have first:

  • An F5 Big IP device v12.x or higher with LX modules enabled.
  • Be familiar with and have obtained an account within your F5 environment with sufficient privileges to deploy iRules and LX modules for execution on every request to be monitored for bot activity.
  • The F5 environment will need to allow outbound access to make HTTP requests to the Netacea endpoint.
  • The Netacea iRule and LX module for F5.

You will also need to follow the steps outlined by F5 to create, test and deploy iRules to maintain security and resiliency.

About Netacea

Netacea provides an innovative bot management solution that solves the complex problem of account takeover and malicious bot activity for its customers, in a scalable, agile and intelligent manner across websites, mobile apps and APIs.

Our Intent Analytics™ engine is driven by machine learning to provide an in-depth analysis of all traffic to your site. This gives us an incredibly fast and comprehensive understanding of human and automated traffic behavior, enabling us to identify and block bots in real-time with unparalleled accuracy.

With machine learning at the heart of our approach, our technology provides an innovative and profoundly effective solution that is configurable to your environment and adapts to changing threats.

Request a demo to see Netacea in action and learn more about our approach to detecting and stopping even the most sophisticated threats.