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| 31st Mar 2021 / 15:13

Netacea Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration

Netacea Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration

Netacea Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration Introduction

Netacea is a market-leading bot management solution designed to detect, prevent and respond to the growing sophistication of emerging threats that non-human traffic poses to web-based applications.

This document explains how the power of Netacea Bot Management can be easily integrated with an existing Salesforce Commerce Cloud based system by simply deploying the Netacea Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge.

The Netacea Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge requires an active Netacea API key, obtained by contacting Netacea via our website or by email to

How it works

When utilizing the Netacea Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) cartridge, all visitor requests will be processed by Netacea to check for potential threats and to apply the appropriate actions to the traffic.

Netcea offers proactive analysis and support before the service is activated. Our bot experts engage with customers to understand usage patterns and the threats and risks posed by bots to the customer as well as the bot traffic that should be trusted. This ensures that the Netacea platform is optimally configured to minimize false positives and false negatives, therefore maximizing protection from threats and minimizing impact on legitimate visitors.

Once activated, the Netacea SFCC cartridge sends a stream of activity data to the Netacea platform for analysis, allowing Netacea to monitor and constantly reassess visitor activity to identify any known or emerging threats.

When a new visitor makes a first request to the website, the Netacea SFCC cartridge makes a request to Netacea Bot Management to determine whether this visitor can be identified as a threat.

Netacea Bot Management uses multiple layers of analysis — looking at known threats and trusted sources for this website and across the Netacea network and the output of Netacea’s behavioral analysis of visitor activity — to determine whether any mitigation action should be applied to this visitor. Any mitigations identified are automatically applied by the Netacea SFCC cartridge. If no action is to be taken against this visitor then SFCC functionality is delivered as normal.

Once this check is complete a cookie is set to track that this check is not repeated for a configured number of seconds. Netacea is constantly analyzing and updating its assessment of visitors so will regularly recheck the status of visitors to catch threats that have been identified after the first request from a visitor.

Please note: When the cookie expires, and the visitor makes a subsequent request, the cookie value will be re-issued and set again.

About Netacea

Netacea provides an innovative bot management solution that solves the complex problem of account takeover and malicious bot activity for its customers, in a scalable, agile and intelligent manner across websites, mobile apps and APIs.

Our Intent Analytics™ engine is driven by machine learning to provide an in-depth analysis into all traffic to your site. This gives us an incredibly fast and comprehensive understanding of human and automated traffic behavior, enabling us to identify and block bots in real-time with unparalleled accuracy.

With machine learning at the heart of our approach, our technology provides an innovative and profoundly effective solution that is configurable to your environment and adapts to changing threats.

Request a demo to see Netacea in action and learn more about our approach to detecting and stopping even the most sophisticated threats.