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Netacea Reverse Proxy

Netacea Reverse Proxy

Netacea’s Background

Having worked with some of Europe’s largest retailers as well as high-profile ticketing platforms and venues around the globe, Netacea is well equipped to be your first line of defence from malicious bots with Reverse Proxy technology.

Our Reverse Proxy is cloud-hosted, operates at a DNS level and is implemented in front of your web-based application where it manages all incoming traffic, therefore, covering all aspects of the web application infrastructure, not just specific pages.

The Netacea Approach

The machine learning is able to monitor all the site visits to a particular path, and analyse them in context relative to each of the other visitors to your enterprise estate. Building this relational matrix to show the clustering of comparative behavioural types is key to our product vision. We examine thousands of potential signals and the way they compare to each other, to produce a true multi-dimensional data model to detect the most pernicious bots.

How it Works?

Netacea Reverse Proxy Implementation

The Netacea Reverse Proxy is an ultra-low latency solution that has been proven to perform in front of some of the world’s busiest websites.

Designed to use a DNS-level implementation, it enables an easy and rapid implementation as it doesn’t require any code changes to the website. All requests pass through the solution as encrypted HTTPS traffic but are not stored, enabling the solution to be both PCI and GDPR compliant.

By utilising a single redirection, Netacea covers all aspects of the web infrastructure, by also hosting the solution on a highly available, distributed cloud infrastructure (with complete fail overprotection) this has enabled our solution to achieve 100% availability since inception.

Our Reverse Proxy is also backed by passive mode functionality, which allows for the service to be instantly added or removed to your website at the click of a button.

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