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Virtual Waiting Room Product Overview

By Netacea / 19th Oct 2018

Virtual Waiting Room Product Overview

Why Netacea Virtual Waiting Room

Fluctuating sales with high peaks in traffic can put enormous strain on a website’s infrastructure and 3rd party systems. Brands can spend millions on marketing campaigns to ensure their website is visited by consumers, but overloaded infrastructure can cause the site to crash and cost billions in lost revenue. Even a 1-second delay on a website load time can cause a drop of 7% in conversions and if a site repeatedly crashes, customers will abandon the brand for their competitors. The Virtual Waiting Room prevents this and allows customers to browse or wait in a queue patiently.

How it works

Netacea is your first line of website availability protection sitting in front of your typical infrastructure-based bottlenecks such as load balancers and web servers. As an ultra-low latency reverse proxy, the Netacea Virtual Waiting Room is implemented by pointing your CDN or DNS to Netacea so that all your traffic flows through our platform, before hitting your website.

This DNS based approach offers complete and secure protection for your website infrastructure, a quick and stress-free implementation whilst ensuring your queue is fair, un-skippable & customers are not diverted.

How the Virtual Waiting Room Works

Resilient, Scalable and Secure

As standard, all Netacea customers are given dedicated infrastructure split across multiple availability zones, monitored and supported by a 24/7/365 UK based support team.

Designed with security and performance in mind, Netacea is fully PCI compliant and underwritten by a 99.99% SLA and has delivered 100% availability since conception. The high-performance reverse proxy means latency is minimal typically taking around 1-2 milliseconds.

Key Benefits

  • Save on infrastructure costs: Manage unpredictable spikes in traffic without having to scale out.
  • Maintain brand reputation: Prevent slowdowns and outages from damaging your customer’s experience.
  • Protect website speed & availability: Make sure your customers shop with you again and achieve brand loyalty.
  • Customisable page: Monetise your queues and engage with branded, interactive queuing pages.
  • Protect your marketing ROI: Maximise your online revenue and make traffic spikes a bonus.
  • Quick and easy integration: Netacea is CDN agnostic and there is no need to make any code changes.
  • Accurate bot detection: Netacea’s Bot Management feature uses machine learning to detect and prevent malicious bot traffic.

Key Features

  • Controlled, secure and un-skippable queue.
  • Real-time statistics with detailed and intuitive reporting.
  • VIP prioritisation for your most important customers.
  • Multiple queues to help manage bottlenecks in different areas of your website.
  • Auto-scaling buffer allowing for truly elastic infrastructure.
  • Global load balancing allows support for multiple data centres.
  • Whitelisting to guarantee you serve your most important traffic.
  • Maintenance mode allows smooth handling of upgrade or disaster recovery.

Virtual Waiting Room Implementation

Implemented in minutes from start to finish, the Virtual Waiting Room does not require any code changes to your website. Simply repoint your DNS or CDN configuration to point to the dedicated Netacea address and let our scalable technology take care of the rest.

By utilising a single redirection, it covers all aspects of the web infrastructure, enabling larger enterprise customers to deploy to 10,000’s of sites in a single implementation.

The virtual waiting room integrates with any application regardless of package or language and is fully compliant with all CDNs.

Netacea Virtual Waiting Room Implementation

Get a free trial of the Virtual Waiting Room and feel the benefits of spikes in traffic on your website, mobile app or API, without it slowing down or crashing.