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| 29th Jan 2019 / 16:40

Why Netacea: Solution Brief

Why Netacea: Solution Brief

Bot management overview

With automated traffic making up over half of all internet traffic, bad bots represent almost 30% of total visitors to your site. Sophisticated bots have evolved to behave like humans, making them harder to detect and prevent. The growing and evolving threat means that advanced mitigation is needed to combat advanced attacks, like our one and only Netacea solution, our bot management product.

Netacea is a cybersecurity company that protects some of the world’s most recognisable brands from the threat of malicious bots. Using behavioural analysis with machine learning, our innovative approach to bot management and account takeover mitigation protects websites, mobile apps and APIs from automated attacks.

Netacea mitigates the most advanced, sophisticated bots by adding an additional layer of protection without relying on static rules or slowing down your site.

Bot Traffic Statistics

Threats we mitigate

Netacea’s intelligence and agile approach detects and stops threats including:

Netacea Solution Bot Threats

Why Netacea?

  • Adaptive Machine Learning: Netacea constantly learns about your traffic and site requests, and evolves to combat changing bot behaviour
  • Combined Approach: As part of the Netacea approach, we detect and analyse the interaction with traffic on your site, rather than just solely relying on fingerprinting and device analytics.
  • Defend Data & IP Against Theft: Choose your risk level by blocking, analyzing or authorising traffic.
  • Protect Against Reputational Damage: Netacea prevents the most advanced, sophisticated bots from using unauthorised credentials to access your account data.
  • Frictionless User Experience: Distinguish between your real visitors and automated traffic, ensuring real users can access your site without interruption.
  • Choice of Deployment: Meet existing infrastructure across your website, mobile apps and APIs.
  • Complements Existing WAF & CDNs: Build upon your existing security solutions with fast, simple implementation.
  • Actionable Intelligence: Make informed decisions with a policy-based approach to mitigation.
  • Scalable & Flexible: The Netacea data model gives huge power and flexibility to ensure that even the most complex of visitor requirements can be handled, even during the busiest traffic periods.

Key features

  • Actionable Intelligence: Make informed decisions with a policy-based approach to mitigation.
  • Choose Your Risk Level: By blocking, analyzing or authorizing traffic with a policy-based approach.
  • Behavioural Anomaly Detection: Ensures rapid identification and advanced mitigation of bots.
  • Combination of Detection Methods: Browser fingerprinting, browser source verification and advanced machine learning capabilities.
  • Advanced Reputational Analysis: With algorithms tuned using supervised machine learning to identify known good and bad requests with other variables such as user behaviour patterns, user agent, visitor, geo, device and many more to prevent attacks.

Bot management implementation

Intelligent integrations into your CDN or API layers make the Netacea solution easy to deploy, without placing unnecessary load on your internal systems and teams.

As a cloud-hosted service, flexible deployment options to suit your infrastructure include

  • Adaptive Threat Architecture – allows integration with any CDN layer.
  • Ultra-low latency reverse proxy behind any CDN/WAF/DDoS, load-balancer layers.
  • API-based integration to suit architecture reverse proxy, pre-configured CDN integrations and customisable API integration to your network via WAF, SIEM, etc.

Once the Netacea solution is deployed, the sophisticated machine learning engine utilises live anomaly detection to highlight and prevent irregular, malicious sources of traffic.

Netacea Flexible Implementation

Let us show you the power of machine learning with behavioural analysis. Sign up for a free trial of our Bot Management solution and test it on your live website or mobile app.