Gartner® Report – Don’t Treat Your Customer Like a Criminal

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Don’t treat your customers like criminals – Read this Gartner® report now and learn to balance trust and risk today

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Trust vs risk: Do you have the balance right?

This Gartner® report will teach you how to create trust with your customers, without compromising the defenses you’ve painstakingly put in place.

By reading this report, we feel you’ll learn:

•  The benefits of delivering positive experiences to customers whilst protecting their accounts from attackers

•  Why legacy authentication methods aren’t effective in validating customers

•  How to use bot management and behavioral metrics to authenticate genuine account activity whilst minimizing friction for users

“By actively detecting and separating bot traffic from human traffic in the background, the need to create active tests of humanity for a user is reduced or eliminated. This creates a level of greater trust between the customer and a digital business. This strengthens loyalty and engagement.”


Gartner risk vs trust

Gartner, Don’t Treat Your Customer Like a Criminal, By Tricia Phillips, Jonathan Care, Akif Khan, 1 July 2021 

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