Gartner® Report – Setting a Cybersecurity Budget Across your Business

Setting a Cybersecurity Budget
Across your Business

Read this Gartner® report now and learn how to measure the real cost of cybersecurity protection.

Available until August 31st, 2022


“While 88% of the corporate directors Gartner surveyed view cybersecurity as a business risk, only 11% formally track its impact on business decisions through quantitative and qualitative metrics, and only 36% can provide the required level of transparency on security budgets to make them understandable to business units.” 


Is your cybersecurity funding enough to meet needs and expectations across your business? 

Netacea thinks this Gartner® report will help create outcome-driven metrics to set protection-level agreements (PLAs), gaining business stakeholder support and the budget approval to deliver them. 

By reading this report, we think CIOs and teams focused on IT cost, risk and value will learn: 

•  How to factor cost into making cybersecurity business decisions, looking beyond IT to work with decision makers across business units 

•  The influence your business’s required protection level has on annual costs, and how to set and control PLAs 

•  Empower other business units to choose how much security they need and how much they are willing to spend 

Gartner costing security services graph

Gartner, Measure the Real Cost of Cybersecurity Protection, By Stewart Buchanan, Paul Proctor, Bryan Hayes, 30 March 2022  

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