How it Works

How does Netacea detect bots?

A technical overview of Netacea Bot Management

How does Netacea work?

Netacea ensures full protection from bot attacks in three steps

Netacea provides a revolutionary bot management solution that protects websites, mobile apps and APIs from malicious attacks such as scraping, credential stuffing and account takeover.

We quickly and accurately distinguish automated bots from humans to prioritise genuine users, with our team of experts and pioneering Intent Analytics engine at the heart of the solution.


Netacea’s server-side approach ensures visibility of all traffic to your website, mobile app and API, to effectively monitor visitor activity.


You will receive actionable insights about your traffic from our team of experts, who analyse the activity in real-time.


Malicious activity is automatically blocked, redirected or challenged, and you are notified of potential threats.

Netacea How it works

How does Netacea detect bots?

Netacea looks at the behaviour of every visitor and how they interact with the system being protected, considering thousands of different data points.

Netacea analysis aims to answer the following questions:

Does this behaviour match a previous attack?

How does this visitor compare to others on the site?

Has the activity on the site changed?

Looking at factors such as:

How long have they spent on the page?

How quickly did they make the requests?

Did they navigate as expected?

How many requests do they make to the website?

Did they load all the content on a page?

These interactions are harder to spoof and allow Netacea to spot more bots with greater accuracy.

All visitors are taken through Netacea’s multi-layer bot identification process to identify known bad actors as well as evolving attack patterns. Netacea’s predictive analysis also identifies where distributed attacks will attack from next, to stop those attacks before they start.

Netacea's three layers of bot protection

Netacea operates three layers of defence, designed to get the optimal balance between speed of detection and accuracy therefore minimizing both false positives and false negatives. 

Layer 1: Active Threat Database

The Netacea Active Threat Database is a customer specific, constantly updated source of all identified threats and the actions that should be taken. This is updated millions of times in real time as threats are identified or removed.  New threats identified across the Netacea network are visible to customers within milliseconds of being identified. 

Netacea Active Threat Database v2
Netacea layer 1

How to deploy Netacea Bot Management

Ease of integrations with existing systems is one of Netacea’s core values. You can leverage your existing platforms and skillsets to build a low friction integration with the full Netacea platform, without deploying changes to your applications or installing any physical or virtual hardware.

To speed-up the integration process, Netacea has a pre-built range of connectors for the most common technology platforms. Integration can also be delivered via our open API or by using our highly distributed, low latency cloud solution.

Netacea Laptop Mock up 2 (1)

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