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Are You Attending RSA 2022?

Have you ever wanted to put your burgeoning cybersecurity and bot management questions to our experts? Now is your chance! 

From 6th – 9th June, Netacea will be at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, for RSA.

Find our team:

At the Analytics, Intelligence & Response session track

Automated threats: The Rise of Bots and What to Do About It

Monday 6th June, 2.20pm

The average organization lost 3.6% of revenue to bot-based business logic attacks in 2020. In this session, Matthew Gracey-McMinn (Head of Threat Research, Netacea) and Simon Goldsmith (Director of Information, OVO Energy) will detail how these automated attacks are carried out en masse yet remain undetected for as long as three months if attackers’ tactics are not identified.

Meet the speakers

Matthew Gracey-McMinn | RSA Conference

Matthew Gracey-McMinn, Head of Threat Research, Netacea  

Matthew Gracey-McMinn is an experienced Cyber Threat Intelligence professional with an MPhil from the University of Oxford. In his current role at Netacea, he researches and investigates the impact of malicious bots on online businesses and their customers, having previously worked with the world’s largest companies responding to global cybersecurity incidents.

Simon Goldsmith | RSA Conference

Simon Goldsmith, Director of Information Security, OVO Energy 

Simon Goldsmith is OVO Energy’s Director of Information Security. His background is in UK military and national security intelligence management and technology. After helping to lead the build of a commercial sector cybersecurity and financial crime business for a defense and aerospace multi-national, he spent two years with a Big Four consultancy and then led the Infosec program for a global sports brand.

At booth 1365

Dissecting a malicious bot

We will be running regular live credential stuffing attacks, zoning in on how these attacks are executed and the makeup of attacker tooling. Our team will explain how attackers bypass defenses and maximise the efficiency of their attacks.

Netacea Bot Management – How it works

Netacea provides a revolutionary bot management solution that protects websites, mobile apps and APIs from malicious attacks such as scraping, credential stuffing and account takeover. Visit the team at booth 1365 to see Netacea Bot Management in action.

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