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The top businesses use Netacea to prevent sophisticated bot activity. Ranked as a Leader in Bot Management by Forrester™, we offer incredibly fast, accurate and transparent bot detection that hunts out malicious bots and prioritises genuine users.

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Preventing sophisticated OWASP automated threats

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Protect your digital assets, customers’ data and brand reputation from ATO.

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Maintain the integrity of online sales and ensure goods go to real customers.

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Identify and block web scrapers made to compromise your website.

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Detect and block automated card cracking, carding and enumeration attacks.

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Prevent exploitation of new account bonuses and fake account creation.

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Prevent bots from stealing your marketing budget and skewing your analytics.

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World-class cybersecurity for businesses of all sizes

Protecting billions of transactions per week at some of the largest Retailers, Banks, Airlines and Hotels.

Top 5 global retailer puts a stop to account fraud
The grocery retailer was being targeted by millions of fraudulent login attempts every week. Netacea enables pro-active protection for these attacks to reduce annual fraud.
Top 5 US retailer stamps out product scraping
Grocery and electronics retailer utilises Netacea to protect releases of high-demand electronics items, allowing one million bot purchases to be stopped per hour.
Luxury department store cancels card fraud
Department store implements Netacea to prevent large volumes of bots from frequently stuffing stolen card data into their payment forms. Since stopping these bots, the store has been able to reduce its costs and improve the availability of its payment service.

Stop bots from hurting your business

A Forrester New Wave™ Leader in Bot Management dedicated to detecting and mitigating sophisticated bots

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