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Protect your business from credential stuffing attacks on your website, mobile app and APIs

Stop credential stuffing before it happens by detecting and mitigating credential stuffing attacks and card cracking using Intent Analytics™.

Netacea prevents sophisticated bot activity by harnessing the power of machine learning to analyse bot behaviour. We use Intent Analytics™ to offer an incredibly fast, accurate and transparent solution that detects and mitigates credential stuffing and brute force attacks leading to account takeover while prioritising genuine users.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Netacea’s bot management solution is the most accurate on the market. Thanks to our Intent Analytics™ technology we provide fast and accurate identification between real users and bots with a false positive rate of only 0.001%.

No Reliance on JavaScript

Unlike other bypassable solutions that rely on in-browser JavaScript signals, Netacea’s machine learning approach analyses millions of requests to produce a constant stream of real-time recommendations.

Customer-Centric Approach

Netacea works closely with your in-house security team to understand your bot traffic and build a tailored trusted list and mitigation strategy, based on your business model and appetite for risk. This leads to better results, fewer false positives and improved bot detection.

Wide-Range of Implementation Options

Our server-side approach guarantees quick and easy implementation of our technology and enables us to support a wide range of integrations.

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