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Protect your brand and customers from bad bot traffic.

Netacea prevents online fraud by harnessing the power of machine learning to analyze bot behavior. We use Intent Analytics™ to offer an incredibly fast, accurate and transparent anti-fraud solution that hunts out malicious bots and prioritizes genuine users.

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Protect your infrastructure and customers from online bot fraud

If your website or mobile app is being targeted by malicious bots, you’re losing traffic and revenue. Our anti-fraud solution empowers businesses to detect and act on fraud in real-time.

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Real people. Real traffic. Real engagement.

Today’s automated bot fraud solutions are not effective against malicious bots because they rely on blacklists and whitelists to decide which users are good or bad. However, this approach often blocks legitimate human users as well. Netacea uses Intent Analytics™ technology to identify bots in real-time, even if they use stolen credentials or attempt to disguise themselves as one of your customers.

We identify bots and prioritize genuine users so you can focus on growing your business while still protecting yourself and your customers from automated bot fraud attacks.

Defend your property with our enterprise bot fraud solution

Bots can vary in complexity, from the simplest bot accessing a landing page to a sophisticated bot programmed to mimic human behaviour.

To further disguise their nefarious activity, threat actors utilise multiple internet-connected devices, each of which will have a unique IP address, to manufacture the appearance of legitimate user behavior i.e. it looks as though each click comes from a different user. This network of devices is known as a botnet.

Netacea’s machine learning algorithms are sophisticated enough to prevent bot activity and bot fraud attacks. We are fast, accurate and transparent with our solution that helps mitigate these threats.

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Transparent threat intelligence

Our anti-fraud solution gives you visibility into your traffic by type of activity. Gain deeper insights into the threats to your website or mobile app with data-rich visualizations that empower you to make informed decisions about your traffic.

We aim to provide a lower friction solution than other bot fraud solutions on the market and one that leverages the power of machine learning to mitigate more threats and make security a better experience. You’ll have access to data you need for informed decisions with dashboards, drilldowns into layers & metrics as well as reputation analysis alongside threat intelligence feeds!

Netacea named a Leader in the Forrester New Wave™

Netacea leads the pack with a differentiated rating in 8 out of 10 criteria.

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Frequently Asked Questions about bot fraud protection

It requires sophisticated detection capabilities that can monitor user journeys from start to finish, identifying and blocking bad bots as quickly as possible without getting in the way of genuine users.

The best way to reduce your exposure to risk is by working with an expert bot management vendor that specialises in analysing intent and identifying patterns in user behaviour to ensure you understand what constitutes normal in the unique context of your traffic environment.  A strong detection solution will be aware of this constantly changing environment and employ sophisticated algorithms that are able to identify anomalies at scale so that bad bots can be automatically blocked before causing damage or inadvertently generating revenue for cybercriminals.

Bot fraud is typically carried out by professional criminal organisations that use sophisticated networks of botnets to commit fraud. Bot fraud can also be committed individually by a wider variety of threat actors including cybercriminals, hacktivists and competitors.

It is possible to carry out bot fraud in a number of different ways but typically a threat actor will use automated botnets, which means that multiple devices across the internet can be used to steal information that may be used for identity theft.

Netacea’s bot management solution is the perfect example of a frictionless bot fraud protection as it provides unparalleled security for your website, while maintaining very high levels user experience.