Stop scalper and sneaker bots from depleting your inventory

Protect your brand and customers from scalper bot traffic.

Netacea prevents sophisticated scalper bot attacks by harnessing the power of machine learning to analyze bot behavior. We use Intent Analytics™ to offer incredibly fast, accurate and transparent bot detection that hunts out scalper bots and prioritizes genuine users.

Protecting the world’s largest brands

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Prevent scalping before it happens with Intent Analytics™

If your website or mobile app is being targeted by scalper bots, you’re losing traffic and revenue. Our bot protection solution takes action against scalper bot attacks with real-time alerts that enable you to automatically shut down malicious activity and keep bots away from valuable resources.

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Detect and block scalper bots on your website, mobile app and APIs

Scalper bots, also known as Sneaker bots, are automated threats that relentlessly target your website, mobile apps and APIs and they aren’t going away any time soon because there isn’t a technical solution available that is 100% effective.

At Netacea we provide bot management solutions for desktop and mobile web, iOS and Android apps that are designed for developers by developers. Intent Analytics™ identifies bots from humans to protect you from automated threats while prioritizing genuine users over scalping bots.

Stop every type of scalper bot and increase real conversions

Scalper bots are programmed to buy up huge quantities of stock, leaving customers frustrated and unable to buy their desired product. We have seen a large number of different types of scalper bots, such as ticket scalping bots or the recent PS5 scalper bot, threating large brands across the web. With vast sums of money at stake for the bot operator, these threats are unlikely to stop.

Netacea stops scalper bots cold so you can run an effective business without the risk of losing revenue or destroying your reputation with frustrated customers. We are fast, accurate and transparent with our solution that helps mitigate these threats.

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Complete visibility of scalper and sneaker bot activity

Detect scalper bots in seconds, giving you visibility into your traffic by type of activity. Gain deep insights into the threats to your website or mobile app with data-rich visualizations that empower you to make informed decisions about your traffic.

We aim to provide a lower friction solution than bot protection solutions and one that mitigates more threats and makes security a better experience. You’ll have access to data you need for informed decisions with dashboards, drilldowns into layers & metrics as well as reputation analysis alongside threat intelligence feeds!

Netacea named a Leader in the Forrester New Wave™

Netacea leads the pack with a differentiated rating in 8 out of 10 criteria.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Preventing Scalper Bots

When you fail to protect your website or API from bots, you can’t stop scalpers because they won’t skip the line like human users. Scalpers that hijack stock for resale treat your organisation’s goodwill as an exploitable resource and you run the risk of losing revenue or destroying your reputation with customers.

When you fail to implement bot management, scalper bots will eventually find workarounds that enable them to bypass security protocols. Most solutions cannot discern between high- and low-value users like humans can, so use Intent Analytics™ instead of basic counters to increase conversion rates without disenfranchising human users.

While scalper bots do need tokens to purchase tickets, not all scalpers are interested in reselling scalped tokens to make a profit. Instead of simply cutting out legitimate users, scalper bots will try to gain access by buying multiple tickets at once even though the average customer only buys one ticket.

Scalper bots have become extremely sophisticated in their ability mimic human behavior so that they can fly beneath the radar of traditional anti-bot technologies like firewalls or antivirus software.

Our advanced monitoring system, with automated learning capabilities that are context-sensitive and relative to a user’s visit pattern on your website, will automatically detect threats in real time.