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Netacea prevents sophisticated credential stuffing attacks by harnessing the power of machine learning to analyze bot behavior. We use Intent Analytics™ to offer incredibly fast, accurate and transparent bot detection that hunts out malicious bots and prioritizes genuine users.

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The only solution that stops credential stuffing attacks with Intent Analytics™

Our technology is always on the lookout for potential credential stuffing threats. It continuously monitors how people enter into your company’s infrastructure and what they do there, monitoring everything in relation to each visitor with customized priorities. 

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The rise of credential stuffing

Over the past 5 years, Netacea customers have seen a significant rise in the number of credential stuffing attacks. Tools such as Sentry MBA Storm and Sniper allow attackers to build and execute an attack against your site within minutes.

This has meant that organizations often have to turn to already overworked teams to look into attacks where traditional mitigations such as CAPTCHA, WAFs and basic bot mitigation has failed.

Netacea’s enterprise-scale big data platform focuses on millions of data points to deliver rapid identification and advanced credential stuffing prevention with much higher accuracy than other solutions.

Our credential stuffing prevention tool

Netacea uses a unique approach to identify and prevent credential stuffing and automated threats. The engine is powered by machine learning that learns from your visitors’ behavior as they interact with your site highlighting anomalous actions. Intent Analytics™ then gets enriched with industry-leading threat intelligence that checks for digital provenance before categorizing suspicious visits by type so we can alert on high risk ones only.

At Netacea we identify bots and prioritize genuine users so you can focus on growing your business while still protecting yourself from automated attacks such as scraping, credential stuffing and account takeover.

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Transparent threat intelligence

Detect credential stuffing attacks in seconds, giving you visibility into your traffic by type of activity. Gain deep insights into the threats to your website or mobile app with data-rich visualizations that empower you to make informed decisions about your traffic.

We aim to provide a lower friction solution to credential stuffing and one that leverages the power of machine learning to mitigate more threats and make security a better experience. You’ll have access to data you need for informed decisions with dashboards, drilldowns into layers & metrics as well as reputation analysis alongside threat intelligence feeds!

Want to learn more about credential stuffing?

Both consumers and businesses are exposed to risks in the instance, with the attacker able to carry out a range of illicit and often fraudulent activity.

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Frequently Asked Questions about credential stuffing attacks

Credential Stuffing is a common Account Takeover technique used to gain access by continually injecting usernames and passwords into website login forms until they get a match. Your consumer’s or business’ account may be at risk, with the attacker able to carry out various illicit activities on their behalf – including fraudulent transactions like identity theft.

The strongest protection against credential stuffing is a bot management service. Bot managers use rate limiting combined with an IP reputation database to stop malicious bots from making login attempts without impacting legitimate logins, so you can rest easy knowing your account won’t get flooded!

Credential stuffing in Finance gives attackers unlimited access to account and transaction details that can be used to apply for a loan, a credit card, carry out bank transfers or exploit your organisation for a bank-breaking profit.

Once an attacker has successfully accessed one account, each of the consumer’s accounts using same password are vulnerable to exploitation of the PII it contains. In many cases the PII will be sold on or the account itself will be sold. Whether that’s Spotify and Netflix accounts with prepaid subscriptions or loyalty card schemes.

Gaining access to retail accounts via credential stuffing attacks allows perpetrators to make purchases and sell fraudulently purchased items for a profit.