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Netacea, University of Nottingham and government-funded scheme achieve advanced threat detection and mitigation offering

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Scalper bots are now
targeting graphics card

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Businesses lose up to $250M every year to unwanted bot attacks

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Netacea Creates Bot Management Open Source Framework

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7 VPN alternatives for securing remote network access

Virtual private networks have shortcomings when it comes to protecting remote network connections. These technologies can replace or supplement it.

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The scalpers won’t stop at sneakers and consoles - every retailer is at risk

The launch of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Nintendo Switch have seen stock shortages since their launch, with the limited availability of PS5 stock still hitting headlines almost a year on.

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PS5s 2nd most targeted item by scalper bots with average resale prices 100% up on RRP

PlayStation 5 consoles are the second most targeted item for retail scalper bots as they continue to pose a major threat to retailers in the runup to Christmas.

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Netacea Index Identifies Top Five Scalper Bot Targets: Graphics Cards, Sneakers Lead List

Netacea launches its Top Five Scalper Bots Quarterly Index, a list of leading items targeted by scalper bots globally.

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Automated bots cost e-commerce companies over 3% of revenue

Automated bots are costing online shopping platforms 3.35 per cent of their annual revenue, according to research from a bot detection company.

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