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Businesses Lose up to $250M Every Year to Unwanted Bot Attacks

Businesses are aware that bots are a problem. The problem they face now is turning this awareness into action.

Consumers warned of bots hoarding PS5s and other must-have items

Netacea recently came across the most expensive retail bot it had ever encountered, which was selling for $27,500 (£20,000).

AllSaints tackles malicious bots with Netacea machine learning tech

The UK-based global fashion brand is undergoing a significant digital transformation programme.

Businesses underestimate negative impact of bot traffic

Research from Netacea finds that although awareness of malicious bot activity is high, many are underestimating its true impact.

The race is on to stop scalping bots from buying every single PS5

Data provided by Netacea showed that a botnet which used 300 compromised machines made one million attempts to buy PS5s over six hours.

Be a Hacker in Ten Minutes With No Expertise Required

Credential stuffing attacks see cyber-criminals using trial and error to ‘stuff’ stolen usernames and passwords into log-in pages, at high velocity, to gain fraudulent access to accounts.


Netacea: Stolen identity sales in criminal marketplace up 250% since 2019

The number of stolen digital identities available on the Genesis Market has risen from 100,000 in April 2019 to over 350,000 in March 2021.

Good luck finding a PlayStation 5: Walmart and other retailers battle ‘bots’

Netacea has identified one console re-selling ring, for instance, that made about $1 million to $1.5 million in the last two weeks of November.

Shoppers to miss out as Black Friday sharks use bots to snag best deals

Websites for John Lewis, Currys and Game all went offline on the launch of the PS5 due to huge demand.

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Your streaming service is fertile ground for bot attacks

The use of stolen credentials in combination with device fingerprints can be enough to circumvent controls.

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