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Events & News | 09th Jan 2019 / 16:50

The Future of Cyber Security Manchester 2019


As the threat landscape changes, so too must your approaches to cybersecurity.

We’re excited to be a gold sponsor at the Future of Cyber Security Conference in Manchester, UK, on Thursday 24th January.

The event features a unique programme where delegates can choose the topics that are most relevant to their business objectives and security strategies. The sessions cover top-level intelligence briefings on cybersecurity trends and technologies and in addition to the updates, attendees’ network with other CSOs and senior board level peers.

As always the conference boast top pedigree keynote speakers, with this year hosting Edward Snowden, former Intelligence Officer and Whistle-blower on the existence of secret wide-ranging information-gathering programs conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA).

If you are attending the event, please do stop by our booth and we’ll be happy to explain how we are proactively protecting some of the UK’s most recognisable brands from the threat of malicious bots and account takeover attacks with our behavioural machine learning capabilities.

Furthermore, we are presenting in the programme track at 1:20 pm, a session titled “What are bot attacks, and why should you care? A new approach to defeating bots”.


Why Attend This Session?

With bot traffic now representing more than half of all internet traffic, how do you identify a bot from a human, and what can you do to stop the malicious ones from launching an account takeover attack?

Bots are continually evolving to avoid detection and are increasingly difficult to differentiate from legitimate users. The bad ones are looking to break into your website and apps to steal money, takeover loyalty points, expose IP and corrupt data.

This presentation will reveal the true extent of the bot problem and what you can do to solve it using behavioural machine learning that identifies even the most sophisticated bots.

Key points:

  • 1 million bots were involved in 210 million fraud attempts in Q1 2018 alone
  • Understand the motivations of bot attacks and the different types of bots that present a threat to your website, mobile apps and APIs
  • Learn how the most sophisticated bots can be defeated by a new approach to bot management, with behavioural machine learning
  • Discover where bot management fits in your wider security stack
  • See the anatomy of a real-world bot attack, and how it was stopped in its tracks

We look forward to seeing you at the Future of Cyber Security event, and for those unable to attend the event but would like to learn more please do get in touch and we will be on hand to help.

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