Our Story

Our Mission

Netacea has a mission to harness the power of artificial intelligence to protect and optimise all of the world's biggest websites.


Netacea was created from the product development function within Intechnica.

Intechnica is an enterprise development and consultancy company focusing on producing high complexity, high performance, secure applications as well as providing digital transformation programs for businesses looking to modernise their technical capability or to introduce modern data science capabilities into their business.

Working with many customers showed that there was a need for solutions that would improve both the security and performance of websites and that artificial intelligence could be harnessed to create next generation solutions to this problem. The Netacea products were produced to address this problem.

After several years on incubation, the Intechnica product suite including the TrafficDefender product was consolidated and extended to become Netacea and a separate company formed to focus entirely on development and sales of the Netacea products.

From the beginning, Netacea has implemented the Intechnica Digital Blueprint to ensure that product development follows industry best practices which forms the basis for Netacea’s reputation for technical excellence.


In the machine we trust

When it came time to choose a company name we considered the usual approaches – pay a high class branding agency thousands, undertake a complex competitor analysis, stick a pin in a map, name it after the chairman’s dog – but decided that we should stick to our principles. We believe that artificial intelligence can be harnessed to improve most processes so why not trust the power of the machine to choose our company name.

We started to feed data in, including all content we had published, design specifications, relevant community content and even the contents of our Slack channels, all to give the machine a sense of what was important to us.

We enriched this data with translation databases, search engine popularity, a profanity filter (after a few early controversial suggestions) and more before setting the machine loose to come up with company names, which it then validated for availability.

After a number of evolutions and iterations we ended up with an appropriate shortlist of names for selection by a human audience, from which we chose Netacea – the panacea, the solution for all difficulties, for networks.

You can read more about this exciting step in our brand creation here.

Netacea – an AI driven company where the machine chose the company name.