Buying Bad Bots Wholesale:
The Genesis Market

We are increasingly reliant on the internet to shop, work and play from our digital devices. This has left us exposed to criminals looking to steal our data to impersonate us online. There are a growing number of underground marketplaces where millions of dollars are exchanged for these illicitly gotten credentials. 

At Netacea we keep our finger on the pulse of such activities. In a unique investigation, our highly specialized threat research team has infiltrated one of the most world-renowned examples, the Genesis Market, exposing a hidden and thriving ecosystem of over 350,000 stolen identities readily available to buy for as little as 70c. 

Perhaps even more shocking is the way these abundantly accessible credentials on Genesis Market can easily fool antifraud defenses dependent on device fingerprinting to catch out fake users. 

In this report, we pull the veil off this secret and highly illegal operation to reveal the methods, tools and data used to exploit victims globally, the astonishing scale of credentials available on Genesis Market, and delve into what this all means for the cybersecurity industry. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • The insider operations of Genesis Market, a prolific underground marketplace for stolen credentials 
  • The way in which ATO (account takeover) bots and other types of cyberattack feed such marketplaces 
  • How illegally obtained data is becoming easier to use and more readily available 
  • Why bot defenses reliant of device fingerprinting are becoming obsolete 
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Discover the Genesis Market, a prolific underground marketplace for stolen credentials

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