The Return of the English Premier League:
Arb Betting in Action

The return of the world-famous English Premier League for the 2021/22 season was warmly welcomed by fans, teams and bookmakers. With one of the most popular sporting events in the world back in full force, gaming and betting companies saw a big uptick in activity. 

But with regular punters also come arbitrage bettors, who take unfair advantage of odds imbalances to guarantee a profit on their bets. The scraper bots and tools arb bettors use cause significant harm to bookmaker websites by making hundreds of unwanted requests at peak times, impacting performance and straining infrastructures. 

In this guide, we use real-world data from a top-five global bookmaker to delve into the tactics of arb betting bots, using the BLADE (Business Logic Attack Definition) framework to depict and tear down the arbitrage betting bot kill chain. 

Read the guide to learn: 

  • What is arb betting and why does it cause so much damage to bookmakers? 
  • What patterns of bot traffic did a major bookmaker website experience during the English Premier League opening weekend? 
  • How can gaming and betting businesses break the arb betting bot kill chain and protect their revenue? 
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