The rising bot threat to media, marketplaces and video gaming | On-demand webinar

In our webinar, we discuss the top bot threats to platform organisations have faced in 2020, the techniques used to carry out attacks and what you can do to stop bots in their tracks as we head in to 2021.

Server-side bot management powered by Intent Analytics™

Dedicated Bot Management Specialist

We are dedicated to detecting and mitigating malicious bots, this has led to the development of our pioneering server-side technology and a deeper understanding of bot behaviour than anyone else.

No Reliance on JavaScript

Unlike other bypassable solutions that rely on in-browser JavaScript signals, Netacea’s machine learning approach analyses millions of requests to produce a constant stream of real-time recommendations.

Wide-Range of Implementation Options

Our server-side approach guarantees quick and  easy implementation of our technology and enables us to support a wide range of integrations.

Unparalleled World-Class Customer Support

The Netacea team plays an active role in understanding and meeting your evolving cybersecurity requirements. We work hand-in-hand with your in-house security functions from implementation, through to providing accurate detection and empowering you with actionable threat intelligence.

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