How Is the Bot Landscape Changing in 2021?

The Threat Intelligence Evolution - Netacea & Cyber Security Digital Summit 

Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, and as the world has transitioned to a largely online-first way of being, it has become critical that businesses take a proactive approach to tackling these threats, including malicious automated bots. 

In Netacea and Cyber Security Digital Summit’s collaborative report, we discuss which vulnerabilities expose businesses and their customers to the greatest risks and how to prioritize them with an effective threat management program.  

For some organizations, this means recognizing the growing use of bots and the need for bot protection within a cybersecurity portfolio. Without bot protection, damaging attacks remain undetected, giving attackers significant scope to access customer details and commit fraud over a sustained period. 

The challenge for businesses lies in the evolving nature of bot attacks. Within the bot landscape,  operators are becoming more sophisticated in their approach and crucially, seeking to exploit a website or mobile app’s, business logic. That is, the functionality that the application has been programmed to deliver to achieve business objectives.  

Carrying out a business logic exploit requires a comprehensive understanding of how a website operates and therefore, how it can be used to deliver an objective that is not in line with its intended purpose. Businesses must be equipped to successfully identify malicious intent signals and stop an attack in its tracks before customers are affected. 

Download the whitepaper, created by Netacea and the Cyber Security Digital Summit, to discover how to protect your business from sophisticated automated threats in 2021 and beyond. 

What you will learn: 

  • How the threats are changing 
  • Patterns of bot usage 
  • What the bot landscape looks like 
  • How to minimize the malicious bot threat 
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