High Bandwidth Usage

High Bandwidth Usage

Bandwidth, especially on cloud systems, can be one of the larger elements of running a web platform and increased usage doesn't always reflect increased revenue.

The Challenge

Bandwidth costs have always been a large percentage of website hosting bills but with the increased move to cloud based systems, where bandwidth is charged directly by usage rather than as a fixed cost, the impact of increased bandwidth has started created direct financial impacts.

When this increased bandwidth is not reflected in increased revenue, then this becomes a situation that needs resolving.

Our Approach

Netacea’s approach to this is by providing insight into the types of visitors that are making up the overall visitor profile on your website.

By using the advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence within the Netacea Intelligence engine, the Netacea console can start classifying visitors to your site as human or bot and what kind of bot. This allows you to get a real understanding of what is the cause of the high bandwidth use and therefore to start putting in place policies to restrict access to certain types of users that do not return any business benefit.

Netacea believes that you should control the flow of visitors to your website and therefore provides the insight to enable you to make those decisions and the control elements to enable you to enact them.

Our Results

Netacea has enabled customers to identify bandwidth reductions of over 50% and make savings of $0.5m.

The Solution