Legacy System Protection

Legacy System Protection

Many systems have elements of legacy technology that create bottlenecks and limit capacity. The upgrade or replacement path for these can be complex and systems need protecting until it can be implemented.

The Challenge

Legacy systems form a fundamental part of many systems, whether they be the eCommerce package used or a core integration with a stock checking or payment system. These systems often cannot scale with the growth of web users and become a bottleneck.

However, it is not always easy to upgrade or replace them, for practical or economic reasons it may be a long process, taking several years.

While that replacement process is going on it is essential that these systems are protected and don’t become the source of failure for your web presence.

Our Approach

Netacea believes that you should have control over the traffic that hits your website and so has created solutions to allow you to manage the flow of visitors.

The Virtual Waiting Room solution manages the number of visitors that are accessing your legacy systems, because the legacy system could just be a small part of the overall system, Virtual Waiting Room allows you to vary the levels of visitors allowed to each area of the site.

Our Results

Netacea has extended the productive life of legacy systems, allowing sites to continue serving their maximum capacity long past the point when the number of visitors could have caused the systems to fail.