Skewed Marketing Analytics

Skewed Marketing Analytics

Business decisions are made and budgets are set based on analytics gathered from marketing tools, if these analytics cannot be trusted then the wrong decisions may be made.


Data is the oil of modern business, more and more decisions and strategies are being driven by the insight gathered from data. This is especially true around website marketing - the success or failure of website changes, marketing strategies, content strategies, pricing strategies and even product strategies is now driven by website analytics.

Small investments are made and tested via analytics before increasing the investment.

This means that if this data is inaccurate then the decisions being made could be fundamentally wrong.

When there are large amounts of bots active on a website they can skew the analytics data, reducing conversions, altering the effectiveness of ad campaigns and driving the business to the wrong conclusion.


How to prevent skewed analytics

The Netacea approach is always about transparency. We aim to show you what is going on on your website and give you control over the visitors that you allow through.

By analysing and accurately categorising the types of traffic that you are seeing you can see which is human and which is bots and what the bots are up to. Netacea also includes technology to identify which bots will have been registered within analytics packages so can illustrate the impact of bot activity.

This allows you to choose the bots that you want to stop hitting your site.


By implementing Netacea Bot Management, customers have adjusted their conversion rate by up to 20% and seen less unexplained spikes in user activity.