| 29th Aug 2018 / 11:56

Virtual Waiting Room: Customisable Queuing Pages



Customisable Virtual Waiting Room Experience

Inform your customers with a branded customisable queuing screen detailing their place in the queue and the estimated waiting time. The waiting room page is fully configurable and completely white-labelled allowing your visitor’s waiting room experience to be consistent with your brand and giving you the scope to entertain waiting visitors with videos, Twitter feeds, games or special offers.

Netacea's Customisable Queuing Virtual Room Example
Netacea’s Customisable Virtual Waiting Room Example

Customisable Queuing Pages Video Transcript

Today I’m going to show you the Netacea’s Virtual Waiting Room solution specifically the queuing pages. Keeping customers engaged in a positive way with your brand through traditionally a negative experience is the key to increasing conversion rates during high traffic events. And Netacea’s Virtual Waiting Room helps you do just that.

Our queuing pages are fully white labelled and customisable to your brand’s design requirements. Let’s have a look at a basic example.

So here we can see our example Karting websites which we set a capacity threshold on the amount of traffic that can access the home page. Once the capacity threshold has been exceeded, visitors are presented with your queuing page, and as mentioned before this page can be designed any way you see fit, and is HTML based. Customers in the queue are kept up to date with their position, either by a progress bar, time indication or place in the queue.

Once in the queue, they return to your websites and continue with their purchase. Learn more about our Virtual Waiting Room and get a Free Trial today.