| 29th Aug 2018 / 11:58

Virtual Waiting Room: DNS vs JavaScript



Benefits of a DNS-Based Virtual Waiting Room

Increased Control

Only a DNS based approach will ensure full visibility and control of all traffic. All requests passing in and out of the system are inspected, enabling an accurate number of visitors on any part of the site at any one time.

Enhanced Queue Security

Being in-line at a DNS level improves security by allowing you to restrict access to your system to only the IP addresses of the Netacea platform. This means that no one can bypass the Virtual Waiting Room.

Full Stack Protection

By positioning the solution in the cloud in front of the infrastructure you can provide protection for load balancers, web application firewalls, application and database servers, not just the website.

Customer Experience and Trust

In-line DNS integrates as a seamless layer into the customers purchasing journey. Our customers do not have to worry about their buyers becoming suspicious of being directed to external URLs, e.g.

Speed of Implementation

DNS does not require any code changes to the website, a single redirection covers all aspects of the web infrastructure, enabling our larger customers to deploy to 10,000’s sites in a single, rapid implementation.

Achieve Compliance

Requests pass through the solution as encrypted HTTPS traffc, but are not stored, enabling the solution to be both PCI and GDPR compliant.

Unrivalled 100% Website Uptime

Hosting the solution on a highly available, distributed cloud infrastructure with complete failover protection has enabled a DNS solution to achieve 100% availability since inception.

Ultra-Low Latency

Proven to perform all interactions sub 1ms in front of some of the world’s busiest websites.

Superior Scalability

Further to customer reports, DNS vs Javascript, DNS solutions have been load tested to over 2 million concurrent users with no sign of performance degradation or instability.

Guaranteed Business User Access

The ability to whitelist specific users or locations ensures that no in-store or call centre employee is placed within a waiting room when trying to place a customer order or access stocking information.

Instant Access For VIP Customers

Returning or high-spend customers can be rewarded with guaranteed direct access to the website in any given situation, rewarding those loyal to your business.

Instant Removal

The DNS based solution, combined with Netacea’s passive mode functionality, allows for the Virtual Waiting Room to be instantly added or removed to your website at the click of a button

Virtual Waiting Room: DNS vs JavaScript Video Transcript

Hello I’m Chris Collier and I’m a pre-sales technical consultant for Netacea. Today we’re gonna talk about DNS vs. javascript and why we pick DNS over other technologies. The founders of Netacea were tasked to develop a secure fair and scalable virtual waiting room solution for one of the UK’s largest festivals that couldn’t be bypassed by today’s tech-savvy consumers.

After much research both technically and more importantly around customer experience a DNS based approach was picked as the standout choice.

We are aware that there are other approaches to establishing a virtual waiting room such as using client-side JavaScript, your CDN or even within your existing infrastructure. However these options were eliminated from our design process as we found that JavaScript in some cases can be bypassed, CDNs tend to use the next returning user rather than a fair, first in first out methodology and when using the existing infrastructure it’s all too common for the solution to end up behind the bottlenecks that are causing the problem and therefore compound the issue.

Netacea’s virtual waiting room utilises a DNS based approach. We implement in front of your web application to protect it from high levels of traffic that would otherwise degrade performance or even cause failures. As we are able to allow the flow of traffic onto the site in a safe and controlled manner and never redirect the customer, application performance and availability are ensured. And to further enhance security, we also advise our customers to configure the origin to only accept traffic from our service which negates the ability to bypass it. Each customer is given a dedicated infrastructure and a DNS switch so that even when unpredictable events occur our solution can be brought in line automatically, within around about 60 seconds to protect your website and your customer experience.

With all industries facing more competition now than ever and customers expecting your business to be accessible to them regardless of time and location., working with the right technology partner to help you deliver unrivalled availability and the best customer experience during peak events has never been more critical.

Contact us today to find out how we can help achieve this for your business or get a free trial of the Virtual Waiting Room solution and test it on your live website or mobile app.