| 04th Oct 2018 / 17:46

Fastly Integration with Netacea in 3 Minutes



Fastly Integration with Netacea in 3 Minutes

The Fastly integration with Netacea allows users to benefit from Netacea’s unrivalled bot detection and mitigation solution, powered by machine learning with behavioural analysis

Implement within minutes by placing custom VCL snippets in your Fastly service configuration. When a request is made, the first request will be intercepted by Netacea where it will check source IPs and User agents against known threat indices and instruct Fastly to either allow or deny access to your site, if the request is identified as a threat, Netacea will serve the selected mitigation action to the request.

Fastly Integration with Netacea Video Transcript

Here at Netacea, we’ve made it as simple as possible to stream we blog data directly from your Fastly instance into Netacea. This is done completely out of line and it can be instantly analysed for threats. I’m going to show you how you can do this in about three minutes.

This is your Netacea dashboard. From here, all you need to do is navigate to the cog in the top right corner, select bot management and the data source, and you’ll have the option if you want to use Fastly. Or if you’ve got a different CDN provider, you just need to select ‘create’. What we will do then is generate for you access keys that you need.

Just copy and paste these into a word document. Once you’ve got these go to your Fastly configuration and select log-in endpoints. Select the Amazon S3 endpoint and into here copy and paste the information that is required. If you’re unsure on the log format we’ve got a health text on the data source page that you can navigate to and you can just copy and paste format for there.

The name is provided for you as is the access key and path. The frequency that we require is 60 seconds and then in the advanced options, it’s the path from the domain. Once this is done just click create and once that’s done click activate.

Once that is activated you will be able to see requests to your domain. If you navigate to your Netacea dashboard, you will instantly start seeing the data being consumed. As you can see we’ve already detected if it’s human or if it’s a bot. That is how you can set up your Fastly streaming endpoint in about 3 minutes.

Download our Fastly Integration datasheet to learn more.