The internet is out of control: Fighting back at bots

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| 27th Jun 2019 / 10:14

The internet is out of control: Fighting back at bots

Humans have become a minority of internet users, with automated bot traffic accounting for more than half of all internet traffic. However, most businesses do not know the composition of their web traffic, or what that traffic is doing on their websites.

A trillion-dollar cyber-crime business has been born out of this environment, at the expense of organisations around the world. As the cyber threat grows, the internet is becoming increasingly unfair and driving businesses to spend roughly $88bn on cybersecurity, with this figure predicted to increase by 1,200% to $1tn in 2021.

We will be diving into the world of bot threats and giving your business practical advice for tackling the challenges in your industry. We also discuss the perfect storm faced by organisations in the wake of the ever-evolving bot landscape as they battle to strike the balance between account security and the end-user experience.

Watch the video to learn more about:

  • Why account takeover attacks are increasing
  • How to identify good bots vs bad bots vs customers
  • Real-world bot attacks and why they’re relevant to you
  • How to deliver actionable intelligence that enables you to prioritise genuine users and mitigate malicious bots
  • Strategies to prevent your business from becoming a victim of attacks