Uncovering Bots in eCommerce

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| 15th May 2020 / 10:55

Uncovering Bots in eCommerce

Up to 40% of traffic to an eCommerce site consists of automated bot traffic, but many eCommerce sites lack the visibility required to accurately identify human traffic vs. good and bad bots.

Malicious bots target eCommerce organizations with price scraping, carding and credential stuffing attacks as they seek to access customers’ accounts to make fraudulent purchases and acquire the loyalty points they hold. It is vital that eCommerce businesses strive to understand bots to protect their customers, availability, profitability and ability to make decisions using accurate data.

Guest speakers from leading eCommerce organizations joined us for our LIVE webinar on Thursday 14th May, to discuss what bots mean for them in 2020, the challenges facing technology leaders and their approaches to managing bot traffic.

Watching this video, you will:

  • Hear from leading eCommerce businesses on what bots mean to them
  • Learn about the latest wave of sophisticated bots targeting eCommerce organizations
  • Hear real-world examples for tackling malicious bots in eCommerce
  • Discover how attackers are evading your existing defences
  • Receive practical steps for managing bots in eCommerce