What Lies Beneath Your Website Traffic?

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| 11th Jun 2020 / 18:00

What lies beneath your website traffic

The global population is spending more time online than ever. Consuming media, socialising via video calls and ordering our weekly groceries.

More website traffic means more noise. Amongst this noise, we are creating the perfect opportunity for attackers to hide malicious activity. Automated credential stuffing, scrapers and sniper bot attacks fly under the radar as consumer activity continues to accelerate.

In this environment, bot attacks ranging in sophistication are finding success and it is vital that your organisation has the knowledge and tools available to effectively defend against them.

In our video, we discussed how the increase in online activity has affected the bot landscape, and where ownership lies for the bot threat within eCommerce, travel, online gaming and financial services.

During the video, you will learn:

  • How is online consumer behaviour changing?
  • Attackers are taking advantage of the increase in online noise, what attack techniques are they using?
  • What should consumers and businesses do to protect themselves from these attacks?
  • Have any new bots emerged?
  • Are businesses equipped to cope with more bot website traffic?
  • Where does ownership for bot management lie?