Virtual Waiting Room

The Challenge

Large spikes of website visitors (whether planned or unplanned) should be a bonus but when the visitors exceed the capacity of your platform this can turn into a nightmare - leading to site outages, unhappy customers, reduced profits and damaged brand reputation.

You can't control how many people come to your site so how do you make sure that you stay up when your site is just too busy?

The Solution

Netacea’s Virtual Waiting Room solution controls the flow of website visitors allowing through only the visitors your website can handle. By putting all additional visitors into a fair, first-in-first-out waiting room we ensure that all visitors get the best possible experience and you make the most money.

In short, Netacea Virtual Waiting Room ensures that your site remains available 24/7 no matter how busy it gets.

How it works

Netacea’s Virtual Waiting Room is a scalable, cloud based service that sits in front of your website and controls access for all visitors.

When the maximum number of visitors is reached, Netacea delivers a waiting page to all additional visitors without any access to your servers.

Your servers only ever see visitors that you know they can handle so the Netacea Virtual Waiting Room offers genuine protection for your servers and quality of service to your site visitors.

Peak How It Works

Customisable Waiting Experience

Nobody likes waiting so the Netacea Virtual Waiting Room makes the process as fair, transparent and painless as possible.

Users in the waiting room are put into a fair, first-in-first-out queue and shown their progress including queue position and estimated time to entry before automatically entering the site when they reach the front.

The waiting room page is fully configurable and completely white-labeled allowing your visitor’s waiting room experience to be consistent with your brand and giving you the scope to entertain waiting visitors with videos, Twitter feeds, games or special offers.

Real time stats and control

Netacea Virtual Waiting Room allows you to take full control over the flow of visitors to your website. The real time dashboard will provide with up to the second reports on the numbers of visitors on your site and the number waiting. All settings can be adjusted to allow instant increases or decreases in the number visitors allowed through, meaning that you can make constant adjustments to operate as close to the capacity of your platform as possible.

The visitor control can also be extended to provide more protection to specific areas of the site that cannot handle as many visitors, for example, high complexity areas like checkout or stock checking can have their own separate waiting rooms.

virtual waiting room dashboard


Integrating Netacea Virtual Waiting Room is simple and requires no code changes. Simply repoint your DNS or CDN configuration to point to the dedicated Netacea address and let our scalable technology take care of the rest.

The virtual waiting room integrates with any application regardless of package or language and is fully compliant with all CDNs.

virtual waiting room implementation

The web's only truly enterprise class virtual waiting room

Features and Benefits

Fair & Un-skippable Queue

Fair & Un-skippable Queue

Netacea uses a smart visitor management technology to ensure that users will always enter your website in the order in which they arrived. The queue is un-skippable, there is no way to force your way to the front, to take the place of another user or to share a position with a friend.

Optimise Infrastructure

Optimise Infrastructure

Putting in a virtual waiting room and allowing yourself to take control of the flow of users allows you to maximise the amount of value you can get from the limited capacity of your platform without needing to think about constraining marketing campaigns or social media activity.

VIP Visitor Management

VIP Visitor Management

Because some visitors should never be queued, such as customer service, call centres, head offices and branches, we allow IP addresses to be whitelisted. VIP users can be identified by cookies or entry pages to ensure your most valuable customers do not queue.

Maximise revenue

Maximise revenue

We make sure that your website maximises revenue by only serving the maximum amount of visitors that it can handle. Any more visitors will impact performance and therefore reduce revenue. This gives the ability to comfortably push marketing campaigns to the limit without worrying.

Positive Customer Experience

Positive Customer Experience

The users that have to wait are given the most positive user experience possible, proceeding to the front with regular updates on their queue position and estimated time to arrival, all displayed within a fully branded waiting page.

Guaranteed Uptime - 24/7 365 days a year

Guaranteed Uptime - 24/7 365 days a year

Netacea Virtual Waiting Room is the ultimate insurance policy for web applications, reacting instantly when a sudden spike in traffic hits or available capacity falls. Rather than your website crashing it will remain online and continue to perform well for all visitors.