Virtual Waiting Room

How it Works

Netacea’s Enterprise Virtual Waiting Room is a scalable, cloud-based service that sits in front of your website and controls access for all visitors. In short, Netacea Virtual Waiting Room ensures that your site remains available 24/7 no matter how busy it gets.

Control Website Traffic

Netacea ensures your infrastructure only ever receives a manageable amount of visitors, allowing you to guarantee availability, protect customer experience and maximise your online revenue.

Queue Website Visitors

When the maximum number of visitors is reached, Netacea delivers a waiting page to all additional visitors without any access to your servers.

Fair and Transparent

Nobody likes waiting so the Netacea Virtual Waiting Room makes the process as fair, transparent and painless as possible, guaranteeing 100% website uptime.

Key Benefits

  • Virtual waiting room bypass Asset 68 png
    Fair & Un-skippable Queue
  • Guarantee uptime Asset 73
    Guaranteed Uptime - 24/7 365 days a year
  • Netacea Time
    Quick & Easy Integration
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    Maintain Brand Reputation
  • Netacea Protection
    Customisable Queuing Pages

Frictionless Waiting Experience

The Netacea machine learning engine works with incredible speed and accuracy to detect bot traffic, providing a frictionless user experience without interrupting the online experience for genuine users.

Real visitors continue to enjoy a great user experience free from frustrating security challenges.

how it works - virtual waiting room

Customisable Queuing Pages

Nobody likes waiting so the Netacea Virtual Waiting Room makes the process as fair, transparent and painless as possible.

The waiting room page is fully configurable and completely white-labeled allowing your visitor’s waiting room experience to be consistent with your brand and giving you the scope to entertain waiting visitors with videos, Twitter feeds, games or special offers.

Virtual Waiting Room Customisable Page min

Non-bypassable Queuing System

Users in the waiting room are put into a fair, first-in-first-out queue and shown their progress including queue position and estimated time to entry before automatically entering the site when they reach the front.

Our DNS-based secure queue technology is used to protect against queue jumpers who bypass other JavaScript-based solutions.

Virtual Waiting Room Page 2 min

Real-Time Statistics and Control

Netacea Virtual Waiting Room allows you to take full control over the flow of visitors to your website. The real time dashboard will provide with up to the second reports on the numbers of visitors on your site and the number waiting. All settings can be adjusted to allow instant increases or decreases in the number visitors allowed through, meaning that you can make constant adjustments to operate as close to the capacity of your platform as possible.

virtual waiting room dashboard

Flexible Implementation Options

The virtual waiting room integrates with any application regardless of package or language and is fully compliant with all CDNs.

Simply repoint your DNS or CDN configuration to point to the dedicated Netacea address and let our scalable technology take care of the rest.

netacea integrations

Choice of Implementation

Integrating Netacea Virtual Waiting Room is quick and simple and requires no code changes.
Netacea Flexible Implementation
Reverse Proxy
Our ultra low latency reverse proxy sits behind any CDN/WAF/DDoS or load balancer
Netacea API
Flexible Implementation
Flexible API-based integration to meet your infrastructure requirements. No SDK or code changes required.
Success Stories
Netacea's secure and resilient queuing system is trusted by hundreds of top enterprises worldwide.
100% uptime guaranteed for all customers over massive shopping season.
  • 27xBiggest spike in
    traffic experienced
  • 100%Protection and
    uptime guaranteed
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Choose a secure and resilient virtual waiting room for 100% guaranteed uptime:

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