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Webinar | 05th Feb 2019 / 16:19

A New Approach to Preventing Credential Stuffing | Webinar

A new approach to preventing Credential Stuffing and Account Takeover

Presenters: Nick Baglin, GM and Ian Pitfield, Senior Technical Consultant

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Humans have become a minority of internet users, with automated bot traffic accounting for more than half of all internet traffic. The bots are becoming more sophisticated as they seek to evade detection.

With the recent news that over 770 million matching emails and passwords were found online by cybersecurity guru Troy Hunt, followed by a further 2.2 billion credentials, the availability of data and the tools to use it prevents a bigger threat than ever before.

So how do you identify a bot from a human, and what can you do to stop the malicious ones from using those compromised credentials and launching an account takeover (ATO) attack?

This webinar will reveal the true extent of the bot problem and what you can do to solve it with a pioneering approach to bot management, powered by machine learning that identifies even the most sophisticated bots by their behaviour. This multi-dimensional approach mitigates potential ATO attacks by preventing the credential stuffing and validation stage that commonly relies on bots.

Reasons to attend:

  • Understand the motivations of malicious bots that are looking to break into your website and apps to steal money, takeover loyalty points, expose IP and corrupt data.
  • Learn how to prioritise your genuine users, by identifying bot traffic
  • Discover how the most sophisticated bots can be defeated by a new approach to bot management
  • Understand the downfalls of traditional bot mitigation approaches that rely on JavaScript code that can be evaded
  • See the anatomy of a real-world bot attack, and how it was stopped in its tracks


Nick Baglin | General Manager, Netacea

Drawing upon over 18 years’ experience in cybersecurity, Nick has held senior roles at HP Enterprise Security Services and CyberArk, where he was VP of Sales, EMEA and played a crucial role in the company’s growth from £250M to £2.2B.

Nick is passionate about enabling organizations to improve their cybersecurity defences and educating leaders about new approaches to solving the ever-evolving problem of cyber-attacks.

Ian Pitfield | Senior System Engineer, Netacea

With more than eight years’ experience of international consultancy, management and training delivery on cybersecurity areas including account takeover attacks and credential stuffing techniques, as well as identity and access management, Ian helps to design and implement Netacea technology for Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies.

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