Why Netacea?

A Sophisticated Approach
For Sophisticated Threats

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Intent Analytics™
with Machine Learning

Netacea’s Intent Analytics™ engine takes a multi-dimensional approach to quickly distinguish bots from humans, to protect websites, mobile apps and APIs from automated threats.
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Data Science

Our data-rich dashboards and risk-based scoring, alongside behavioural analysis from the data science team, empower you with actionable intelligence about your web traffic.
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Seamless and Flexible

The Netacea approach evolves and adapts in maturity with the organisation over time, learning and evolving as quickly as the bots do to ensure our solution is always highly effective.
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Bot Management Powered
by Intent Analytics™


Intent Analytics™

We use Intent Analytics™ to offer an incredibly fast, accurate and transparent solution that hunts out malicious bots and prioritises genuine users.

Powered by machine learning, our multi-dimensional approach provides an innovative and profoundly more effective alternative to the traditional “black box” or JavaScript reliant solutions. It provides frictionless access for genuine users in real-time, while preventing non-human traffic from compromising your business.

Netacea account takeover case study
  • 200M Accounts protected by Netacea across Europe
  • 5Bn Internet requests monitored per month
  • 60% Decrease in overall maintenance costs
Intent Analytics - How it works
  • Rapid Detection Fast, accurate bot defense is vital to securing your business.
  • Threat Intelligence Access a large intelligence database which is continuously updated.
  • Real-Time Insights Real-time insight into the nature of your website traffic.

Detect - Respond - Evolve

Our approach evolves over time to ensure your bot defence becomes stronger, as the bots develop in sophistication.

The Intent Analytics engine analyses millions of requests, signals and patterns to quickly and accurately identify bots from humans. Our solution gives you the actionable intelligence you need, when you need it, enabling you to respond in real-time.

Detect respond evolve netacea

Dedicated Data Science

Machine learning and analysis is at the core of our approach. We are not reliant on JavaScript or static rule-based solutions but incorporate JavaScript as just one of our multiple input signals.

We combine insight from Intent Analytics with a variety of data sources such as reputation and threat intelligence feeds, along with modern data science capabilities.

Bot detection - data science - Netacea

Seamless and Flexible Integration

Our cloud-based approach allows for rapid deployment, elastic scalability, high performance and availability without the limitations of hardware appliances.

  • Quickly integrate via CDN
  • Via ultra-low latency reverse proxy
  • Flexible API-based integration
netacea flexible implementation

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) detect and block sophisticated bots?

WAFs are effective tools as part of any secure web-based system, however WAFs are designed to look for and prevent requests that are targeted at exploiting security weaknesses. New and sophisticated bot attacks often look like legitimate human requests, which can often pass through a WAF unchallenged. Because of this, the multitude of security challenges caused by sophisticated Bot traffic require deeper analysis; making it necessary to look at the nature and patterns of requests that are being made and compare those to that being made by human users.
One way of dealing with bot traffic is by simply creating a blacklist of IP addresses however, it is a very limited solution and suffers from several key issues:• A reactive approach – A blacklist is created from known threats or retrospectively & only contains details of past attack IPs whereas automated threats will regularly rotate IP addresses and avoid any hard blocks on the IPs used previously• Blacklists require constant maintenance to ensure that new threats are added to the list as they are discovered and historically identified threats need to be revalidated periodically to ensure the authenticity of each entry.
At Netacea, we understand that your user experience and site performance are key when creating and maintaining web applications and our solution is no different. Our solution has been designed with performance in mind and with a number of implementation options that customers can choose from, we ensure there is minimal to no impact on the protected site’s performance.• In-line ultra-low latency reverse proxy - latency added is typically 1-3 milliseconds• Out of line zero latency integrations – CDN based integrations or API based architecture
Our solution is entirely cloud-based and we require no on-premise equipment in order for our solution to begin working. Customers can utilise our solution in one of three ways, through our reverse proxy, via an integration with a CDN or by using our API architecture. Regardless of the implementation choice, we’re able to implement our customer’s chosen architecture within hours (however typically we do ask for around one week to allow for testing and tuning the implementation) and are on hand to assist our customers every step of the way.
Our adaptive data model and micro-services API approach gives huge power and flexibility to ensure that even the most complex of visitor requirements can be elegantly and reliable handled at volume, using the existing infrastructure that enterprise customers already maintain and own. Using our rich set of API, you can send the threat alerts to your WAF, CDN provider, or firewall of choice.
Delivering a great user experience is critical when running an enterprise site & Netacea’s technology has been designed with accessibility in mind. We regard it as a duty to support all users who have accessibility issues and use readers. Our core behavioural learning does not change across platform types. Where we specific bot mitigations - for example when we display a Captcha, our configurable behavioural policies ensure that we only serve captcha to any suspect traffic. If captcha is served to any humans, we do have a range of accessibility options for visually or audio impaired users, or those users who lack the fine motor skills necessary to complete some difficult Captchas. All our Captcha’s have a text alternative, allowing them to be read by a reader, and audio alternatives for those with vision impairment.In addition, our fingerprinting does not require the use of JavaScript. Although providing a text-based Captcha does provide bot writers with a potential exploit to bypass the Captcha, we monitor the accessibility options very carefully to ensure that the small percentage of traffic accessing the text-based Captcha is legitimate and under normal thresholds.Summary of Accessibility options:• Does not require JavaScript so all assistive technology will work• Provides and Audio Alternative so login can be navigated with a screen reader• Settings & permissions• No complex or repetitive navigation links – so each page is placed in its natural order, so the flow is easy to use.
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