Are APIs the Gateway for Credential Stuffing Attacks?

FinTechs have emerged as the digital-first answer to transforming the banking industry.

Legislation such as the EU’s PSD2 and the UK’s Open Banking have cemented their place in the financial services environment, while removing much of the red tape that surrounds financial services to encourage collaboration and ensure security by design.

Much of this collaboration is facilitated by open APIs, but what do we know about the API layer and security vulnerabilities that threaten your FinTech when it is exposed?

In our webinar, we dissect the bot threats to FinTechs, a sub-industry that is driving critical changes to security in the banking infrastructure and, provide the critical defensive steps to securing your customers and business.

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • What is the bot threat to FinTechs?
  • Where does the API sit in your infrastructure?
  • How to secure your API
  • How to stop the credential stuffing attacks
  • Joe Kavvadias
    Joe Kavvadias Head of Global Strategic Alliances and Technology Partnerships
    Joe manages and works closely with Netacea’s partnership network which comprises of strategic alliances and technology partnership to ensure their clients stay ahead of the latest bot challenges, whilst collaborating with Netacea’s product and threat teams to research emerging bot trends across industries.
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