Detect and block malicious bot traffic on your website, mobile app and APIs

Rapid Bot Detection and Mitigation

Netacea mitigates sophisticated bot activity by harnessing the power of machine learning to analyze bot behavior. We use Intent Analytics™ to offer an incredibly fast, accurate and transparent solution that hunts out malicious bots and prioritizes genuine users.

  • Smarter bot detection using machine learning
  • Robust and rapid attack response
  • Advanced dashboarding capabilities
  • Real-time actionable threat intelligence

Trusted by leading brands in any industry including:

  • Sony2
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A sophisticated approach for sophisticated bots

Intent analytics with machine learning thin brain
Netacea’s Intent Analytics™ engine takes a multi-dimensional approach to quickly detect and distinguish bots from humans, to protect websites, mobile apps and APIs from automated threats.
Dedicated data science Netacea3
Our data-rich dashboards and risk-based scoring, alongside behavioral analysis from the data science team, empower you with actionable intelligence about your web traffic.
Flexible integration netacea2
Our cloud-based approach allows for swift deployment, elastic scalability, high performance and availability without the limitations of hardware appliances.

We mitigate OWASP automated bot threats

Thinato response Asset 63 - bot detection software

Account Takeover

Stop account takeover by identifying account-based attacks.
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Credential stuffing icon

Credential Stuffing

Prevent data breaches and protect your website from credential stuffing attacks.
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Fake account creation icon

Fake Account Creation

Prevent fake account fraud by identifying bot accounts, fake account creation and mass account registration.
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web scrapiner icon

Web Scraping

Detect and mitigate web scrapers and scraping attacks made to compromise your website.
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carding icon

Card Cracking

Shut down automated card cracking attacks using the power of Intent Analytics™.
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mitigate Scalper Bots

Scalper Bots

Prevent ticket touting and inventory scalping on your web apps.
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