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Netacea Cloud Integration

Netacea Cloud Integration

Netacea Cloud Integration

Protecting some of the world’s largest brands from bot attacks at the edge, Netacea is well equipped to be your first line of defence from malicious bots using Cloud Integration.

How it works

Netacea Cloud Integration


The Netacea Cloud allows for deployment of Netacea’s industry-leading Bot Management solution at the edge. Proven to perform in front of some of the world’s busiest websites, the Netacea Cloud spans over 200 countries allowing ultra-low latency and provide a high availability platform for protecting sites from malicious bot attacks.

Designed to be implemented at the edge, Netacea Cloud enables an easy and rapid implementation with no code changes to your website, mobile app or APIs.

Simply redirect your traffic via a CNAME or DNS change to the Netacea Cloud to allow requests to pass through and be protected by our PCI and GDPR compliant platform.

Our Approach

Netacea provides a revolutionary bot management solution that protects websites, mobile apps and APIs from malicious attacks such as scraping, credential stuffing and account takeover.

Our Intent Analytics™ engine, powered by machine learning, quickly and accurately distinguishes bots from humans. The Netacea approach evolves and adapts in maturity with the organisation over time, learning and evolving as quickly as bots do to ensure our solution is always effectively prioritising genuine users. Actionable intelligence with data-rich visualisations empowers you to make informed decisions about your traffic.

Talk to our team of data scientists today to discover more about our pioneering approach to bot management.